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Quote1 I do hate myself. I hate what I've become. They turned me into this monster. They turned me into a villain. But I was Superboy. Quote2
-- Superboy-Prime

Appearing in "He Primed Me, Part Two: Flame War"

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Synopsis for "He Primed Me, Part Two: Flame War"

Superboy-Prime continues his fight with Alexander Luthor, Jr's Black Lanterns in the skies above Earth-Prime's Manhattan. He stirs the fight to and through the offices of DC Comics, intending that if he is going to die, he is going to take those he deems responsible for his fate, those responsible for the comic books, with him. As they plow through the offices, Luthor teleports them to the basement of Prime's home. There he continues to goad Prime as the other Black Lanterns strip off his armor. Realizing he cannot win, he catches one of the Black Lantern Rings and puts it on, Instead of commanding him to "rise" it commands him to die.

As he is transformed, the ring cycles him through the emotional spectrum. It highlights the willpower generated by his demand for respect, the compassion fueled by his regret over Laurie Lemmon, the avarice from his desire for all to love him, his fear of the heroes of New Earth, the rage of his self-hatred, and his love for Laurie. The cycle burns out the ring and the Black Lanterns.

Alone in the ruins of his basement, Prime admits that he hates what he has become and all he wants now is just a happy ending. Laurie comes down the stairs calling his name. Confused, he asks her how it is possible she is there at all. She implies she was sent as a peace offering, a way of telling him that he would be left alone. He does not see that she is wearing a Black Lantern Ring or that it is registering "Hope."

Appearing in "Superboy: The Boy of Steel"

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Synopsis for "Superboy: The Boy of Steel"

Superboy stops Lori from vandalizing a doctor's office and takes her home. They are then visited by Lori's uncle, Lex Luthor, who has a big chunk of Kryptonite ready for Superboy.


This issue would be #508 under the Volume 1 numbering.


The cover to this issue is a homage to the death of Earth-One's Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

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