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Quote1 What can I say? I love a girl in a uniform! Quote2
-- Superboy

Appearing in "Boy Meets Girl"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bill Clinton (Behind the scenes)
  • Krypto
  • Gordon (First appearance)
  • Tommy (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Boy Meets Girl"

Superboy saves a car filled with teenagers from crashing off the side of Metropolis Bridge. Tana Moon is present and records the event from passenger seat of a WGBS news helicopter. Supergirl arrives and introduces herself to Superboy. Despite having to endure a few lewd comments, she invites Superboy to a dinner date with her employer Lex Luthor. Superboy agrees, but also arranges for a dinner date with Tana Moon.

Meanwhile, one of Vincent Edge's contacts, an unscrupulous talent scout named Rex Leech, hires a mercenary called Stinger to put a hit out on Superboy. After Stinger leaves to track down the Boy of Steel, Rex contacts Edge.

Bibbo Bibbowski meanwhile, gets an engraved dog tag for his new puppy Krypton. The engraver has a six-letter maximum however, and the tag actually reads "Krypto". Bibbo refuses to let the engraver add the extra letter for any fee and simply goes home with his dog now called Krypto.

That evening, Superboy meets with Lex and Supergirl in Lex's penthouse. Lex asks him to join "Team Luthor" exclusively. Supergirl sweetens the offer, by reminding Superboy that they will be able to work together as partners. Without really considering what he's getting into, Superboy agrees. Superboy suddenly remembers his dinner date with Tana and flies off.

He meets Tana and Vincent Edge at 344 Clinton Street. Edge gives Superboy the apartment formerly occupied by the missing (presumed dead) Clark Kent. Rex Leech enters the room and introduces himself to Superboy. Also present is Rex's vivacious daughter Roxy. Roxy Leech is overly smitten with Superboy and gives him a huge hug. Vincent wants Superboy to sign an exclusive contract with WGBS. Distracted by Roxy pawing at him, Superboy agrees and signs the contract. Tana grows uncomfortable with the meeting and feels that Vincent Edge is manipulating Superboy. Vincent reminds Tana that Superboy gets WGBS the ratings while she is replaceable.

Later, the Stinger attacks Superboy near Hob's River. The two trade blows, and Stinger briefly gives Superboy pause when he fires an electrified grappling line at him. Supergirl arrives to lend a hand, but Stinger wasn't paid to deal with two power houses. He fires explosive rounds at the bridge then makes his escape. The charges go off, and neither Superboy nor Supergirl are fast enough to stop the bridge from collapsing.

Meanwhile in outer space, a mysterious cosmic menace pilots his space craft. The ship will reach Earth in three days.



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The Death and Return of Superman
The events from this issue or series are related to The Death and Return of Superman, a retroactively named trilogy in which Superman is killed by the monster Doomsday, and then later brought back to life. Meanwhile, four superheroes debut in Metropolis to take his place, The Eradicator, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy.
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