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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 524


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 524

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"Where is Superman?": Superman, last seen fighting Conduit, has disappeared. Clark's family and friends appear to be at risk from Conduit's minions; Lois Lane is reportedly buried in a building collapse--although

Quote1 I'll always be Superman. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "Where is Superman?"

Featured Characters:

  • Superman, under the identity of Wayne Jordan

Supporting Characters:


  • Pipeline shock troopers

Other Characters:



  • Lana Lang robot
  • Pete Ross robot


  • McGivney's pick-up

Synopsis for "Where is Superman?"

Superman, last seen fighting Conduit, has disappeared. Clark's family and friends appear to be at risk from Conduit's minions; Lois Lane is reportedly buried in a building collapse--although her father is not so sure. Jimmy Olsen infiltrates the base of Conduit and manages to broadcast some hints of Conduit's plans. The video that Olsen sends of of his findings ends with an ominous yell as someone comes up behind him and pulls his broadcast plug.

Meanwhile, Superman has obtained a job hiding out as a logger, using the alias Wayne Jordan. He appears to be happy and rested, enjoying his new job. On his way back from work to the camp, a fire appears in the wilderness, and Clark must choose between his new secret identity and helping those in need.

Back in Conduit's hideout, Shadowdragon uploads a virus (using a 3.5" floppy disk) to Conduit's computer. While using the computer, he discovers that Olsen may still be alive. As he ponders this information, Conduit appears. They duel, and Shadowdragon reveals his regret that he gave S.T.A.R. Lab's Superman file to Conduit. He knocks Conduit to the floor, and when Conduit gets up, Shadowdragon is gone. A scientist runs up to Conduit and informs him that their entire computer network is under attack by a virus.

In the wilderness once more, Clark finds the stranded woodsmen and rescues them, revealing to them--and reminding himself--that he is, and always will be, Superman. He calls in and speaks to his father; his father tells him not to worry, and that they (presumably, Ma and Pa Kent) will meet him at "the rondezvous."

Clark rejoins the efforts to contain the forest fire, and after much effort, they are successful. He shares a jovial moment with his new friend, Judith McGivney, when Conduit suddenly appears and attacks Superman. Judith is killed in the attack. After the battle, Lois drives up and discovers the wreckage of the fight, revealing that she was alive only through some good luck. Shadowdragon appears to Lois, telling her that Jimmy is not dead, and hoping to help Clark Kent's family and friends.

Superman slowly wakes up after (presumably) being knocked out; he sees what appears to be Pete Ross and Lana Lang. They are young looking, and dressed for high school. They tease Clark, who also appears young and somewhat gawky. Clark realizes that something is horribly wrong--and that he appears to be back in Smallville.


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