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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 527


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 527

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"The Return!": On Apokolips, a squad of Parademons escort cyborg Hank Henshaw to a Boom Tube with instructions that he is never to return to their world.

Quote1 You know... I really hate when fate tries to be... ironic... Quote2
-- Lois Lane

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Synopsis for "The Return!"

On Apokolips, a squad of Parademons escort cyborg Hank Henshaw to a Boom Tube with instructions that he is never to return to their world.

Back on Earth, Metropolis experiences a massive heat wave and the crime rate rises. Superman prevents two thugs from carjacking Contessa Erica del Portenza.

Moments later, a strange alien spacecraft appears in the sky over Centennial Park. Superman flies there to investigate and finds that Lois has arrived as well. Emerging from the craft is the Alpha Centurion, a time-displaced Roman soldier whom Superman encountered during Zero Hour. Superman is very brusque with him, but Lois thinks that the Centurion would be a welcome addition to Metropolis. Superman and Alpha Centurion are forced to settle their differences and work together to clean-up an oil tanker spill that has set the harbor on fire.

Later, the Joker arrives in Metropolis. He kills two would-be thieves and cackles while musing over his next big scheme.


  • Navigation number 1995/36.
  • Alpha Centurion first appeared during Zero Hour as the protector of Metropolis from another alternate timeline where Superman did not exist. They met in Adventures of Superman #516, where they briefly teamed up. The original Centurion's timeline was erased from history in Zero Hour #0. The Centurion that appears in this issue isn't the one that Superman first met, but the Centurion of the regular timeline meeting Superman for the first time.
    • In the alternate timeline, Alpha Centurion was romantically involved with Lois Lane, which adds some slight animosity to his relationship with Superman.
  • Joker's Body Count = 2


  • The Joker quotes the lines, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit! Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men!" This quote has been famously attributed to the 1930's pulp hero, the Shadow.

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Superman (Volume 2) #104: 1995/35
1995 Navigation
Action Comics #714: 1995/37

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