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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 530


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 530

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"Different Demons": Superman and Mope arrive on a magic-based planet in a quest to clear Mope's name before the relentless Tribunal. Meanwhile, Superboy and Alpha Centurion are held prisoners of the Tribunal. Supe

Appearing in "Different Demons"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tribunal Prime
  • Pollux
  • Ternion

Other Characters:

  • Tribunal guards




Synopsis for "Different Demons"

Superman and Mope arrive on a magic-based planet in a quest to clear Mope's name before the relentless Tribunal. Meanwhile, Superboy and Alpha Centurion are held prisoners of the Tribunal. Superboy has become convinced that the Centurion is actually the Cyborg in disguise, since the Centurion was conspicuously absent when Team Superman was ambushed by the villain.

Back on Earth, Maggie Sawyer leads the SCU is searching for a reported super-powered being in Suicide Slum. They trail the grotesque Hellgrammite to the basement of a building and then into the sewer, where they find Turpin and two others cocooned to a wall. Emerging from the cocoons, the Hellgrammite's victims have metamorphosed into similar creatures which attack the SCU.

Alpha Centurion and Superboy break their shackles, but the Boy of Steel quickly picks a fight with the Centurion. The guards stop the confrontation, but the Cyborg immediately appears before the Tribunal afterward. The Tribunal decides to move the Superman Rescue Squad to maximum security.

The Hellgrammite is finally captured by the SCU, and Superman and Mope become separated on Sorcerer's World. A large humanoid energy form appears behind the Man of Steel.


Superman navigation number 1995/49.


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Superman (Volume 2) #107: 1995/48
1995 Navigation
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #3: 1995/50

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