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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 584


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 584

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"Bachelor Party": Devouris the Conqueror hurtles through space in his ship, heading towards Earth to destroy Superman and conquer the planet.

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  • Flying Terraza Cafe



Synopsis for "Bachelor Party"

Devouris the Conqueror hurtles through space in his ship, heading towards Earth to destroy Superman and conquer the planet.

At the Flying Terraza Cafe, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Sam Lane and a few other guests are gathered together to give Ron his bachelor party. Meanwhile, Lois Lane and a pregnant Lucy talk about Ron Troupe and her baby. Lois remembers that Ron is having a bachelor party and instead of sitting around, she gives Bibbo a call.

A glowing green object falls from the sky and Superman arrives on the scene. Upon further investigation, the object begins to mutate and turns into a large green creature. In an alien tongue, it speaks of Devouris and then attacks. Superman strikes back but the creature disappears.

Clark returns to the party and Sam Lane continues to give him a hard time. Lex Luthor then arrives at the same restaurant and interrupts them to congratulate Ron. Sam begins to tell Luthor how he wishes he had married Lois but then Perry White arrives and upon seeing Lex he shouts out in anger. Luthor departs and so does Clark after he senses trouble outside.

Energy bolts blast through the streets, but Superman manages to intercept them and faces Devouris. Surprisingly, Devouris is only about a fifth his size and Superman is able to easily subdue him, kicking him back into space.

Back at the party, everyone is starting to have a good time. Bibbo then makes an unexpected arrival, bringing with him a large cake. And, to everyone's surprise, Lois and Lucy jump out of the cake.

Days later, Lucy and Ron leave the alter married with their family behind them.


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