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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 593


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 593

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"Suicide Mission": On Stryker's Island Prison, Lois Lane is pestering the warden for comments on a prison break. To get rid of her, he finally ushers her off to see the P.R. Liaison. She instead goes searching for any file she can find on the breakout and talks the man in charge of the paperwork

Quote1 Take care of yourself. You know I don't trust that husband of yours to watch out for you. Quote2
-- Sam Lane

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Synopsis for "Suicide Mission"

On Stryker's Island Prison, Lois Lane is pestering the warden for comments on a prison break. To get rid of her, he finally ushers her off to see the P.R. Liaison. She instead goes searching for any file she can find on the breakout and talks the man in charge of the paperwork into showing her paperwork on some government transfers that just occurred, despite his fear that he would get in trouble. Lois reads the file and finds that the transfer was authorized by the Secretary of Defense, her father, Major Sam Lane.

Meanwhile, Superman is following a hypersonic signal from a radio transmitter from long-abandoned military base Area 8. He realizes, that since he is the only one besides an occasional dog that could hear the signal, that someone was obviously trying to lead him out there. Suddenly shards of metal explode around him and Shrapnel attacks. Although he is caught surprised, Superman makes short work of the villain with his heat vision. Shrapnel is next seen after having crashed through the wall of a nearby building. He is begging an unseen figure in the shadows to give him another chance, and the figure decides to break the rules and agrees. Still outside, Superman readies himself for another attack, and a green chemical smoke rises around him. Shrapnel appears from it and sucker punches Superman.

Back in Metropolis, Lois is confronting her father with the information she found at Stryker's Island. He claims that as Secretary of Defense, he has certain duties to perform, and that the information she is after is classified. She continues to question him, and actually accuses him and the president as being unloyal to the United States. He hints that something bad may be happening soon and that he had to leave.

At Area 8, Superman has been weakened by the chemical mist, and is thrown off his feet by Shrapnel. He recognizes the green mist, but realizes that Shrapnel could not have staged this on his own. However, he is suddenly grabbed from behind by a tentacled hand emerging from a wall. The hand belongs to Plasmus who attacks along with Shrapnel. The two villains fight over who gets to end Superman, and while they are distracted, Superman pushes Shrapnel into Plasmus and freezes the two together with his super breath. The unseen figure finally emerges from the shadows and it is Manchester Black. He explains that he was drafted by the US Government for project Suicide Squad. He is their field leader and brings out the final solution, Chemo. Chemo steps on Superman and brings him inside his body, however, Superman swims through the chemicals and breaks out. He then drags Chemo, who is spilling chemicals from two holes in his body, into space, where he freezes.

Back on Earth, Superman confronts Manchester Black again, who explains that he was fitted with regulator fluid into his spinal cord, which would paralyze him if he didn't obey his orders. Superman flies off to confront whoever is giving Black his orders, while Black radios in asking for a clean-up crew and and extraction team for Mongul retrieval. On the other end of the radio, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Rock, explains to the Secretary of Meta-Human Affairs, Amanda Waller, the plans for Mongul. Superman suddenly breaks through the wall and warns them and the president that this Suicide Squad is not a good idea. The president tells him that as Commander-in-Chief he didn't need to listen to Superman's advice, he just needed to rely on his aid during times of crisis.

Back in Metropolis, Lois is chasing her father through a hotel, hounding him for information. He says he has no time to answer as there are rumblings in Pokolistan. She pleads with him to look at what he's becoming by listening to Luthor, but he rebukes her, telling her to give the president respect. Before he is driven off, he tells her to take care of herself, as he doesn't trust her husband to watch out for her.


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