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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 596


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 596

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"Shipbuilding": Around the world, people rebuild the damages inflicted from the Imperiex War. High in the sky, Superman hovers above Metropolis watching the repairs slowly being made, the buildings strengthened or rebuilt altogether following [[Imperiex-Prime (New Earth)|Im

Quote1 You people worried about Global Warming can take a chill pill… Watch me give a more visceral demonstration of what’s to come… Scary how much power I have, Isn’t it? Forget about the hole in the ozone. I’m the guy you need to deal with! Quote2
-- Weather Wizard

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Synopsis for "Shipbuilding"

Around the world, people rebuild the damages inflicted from the Imperiex War. High in the sky, Superman hovers above Metropolis watching the repairs slowly being made, the buildings strengthened or rebuilt altogether following Imperiex's and then Brainiac 13's rampage. Superman suddenly turns to see an airship descending from out of the clouds. Lex Luthor emerges from the carrier and asks the Man of Steel if he is enjoying the show. Superman rockets off into the heavens.

One of Luthor's aides approaches him and asks why he won't be addressing the nation from Washington. Luthor tells him that in this time of rebuilding, his Metropolis will provide the finest example. Everything is working except for one thing: Superman is not following Luthor's plan.

Clark sits alone in his apartment, flipping through the TV in which it all shows the damages around the world. Suddenly, Martian Manhunter contacts Clark telepathically. He asks Clark why, when the rest of the Justice League is active around the world, cleaning up the remains of the war, Superman has yet to lift a finger. Clark tells J'onn that with his father gone, he's had a very hard time dealing with this. Plus, after the war he realized something significant.

Before he can tell J'onn what it is, a report comes in from the South Pole. Ice is melting, quickly. Being the only Leaguer available, Superman tears open his shirt and heads southward. In Antarctica, he finds the Weather Wizard recording himself melting the ice cap. Superman quickly refreezes the water and fries the Weather Wizard's wand. Subdued, the Wizard admits that he was just making a video to use as a threat in order to demand the return of his son, who has been taken away from him. With that, the Wizard vanishes in a flash of lightning.

Back in Metropolis, a group of construction workers are repairing the dams when suddenly a support gives way and a crane topples over the edge. Superman streaks in and in a flash, rescues the man. Luthor confronts Superman, telling him that if the Kryptonian would only do the reparations himself, then the workers would not have to put themselves in jeopardy. Superman disagrees; he's not there to do everything for mankind. If he does everything for humanity, then it means nothing. Luthor tries to brush it off as a convenient excuse, but the saved man agrees. He wouldn't want anyone, even Superman, to live his life for him. By not helping them rebuild, he's doing everyone a favor. Luthor glares for a moment at the man, and then turns away. Superman thanks the man for the speech.

Inside his airship, Luthor tells his aides that he will be returning to Washington to address the nation from there, where he belongs.


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