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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 608


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 608

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"Ending Battle, Part Two: Dawn's Early Light": On Metropolitan television, commentators argue the validity and sense of super-heroes trying to protect their cities again and again, with a key idea being that perhaps their presence might not only draw evil, but condone it.

Appearing in "Ending Battle, Part Two: Dawn's Early Light"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Al (Single appearance) (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Amanda Waller (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Dr. Davis (Single appearance)
  • Dr. Kimmel (Single appearance)
  • Gary (Single appearance)
  • Harold Carver (Single appearance)
  • Kris Mathers (On a TV or computer screen) (Single appearance)
  • Miss Dolenz (Single appearance)
  • Mrs. Christian (Single appearance)
  • Professor Clowes (Single appearance)
  • Senator Calvin Cale (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Tony (Single appearance)
  • Walt Andrews (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Ending Battle, Part Two: Dawn's Early Light"

On Metropolitan television, commentators argue the validity and sense of super-heroes trying to protect their cities again and again, with a key idea being that perhaps their presence might not only draw evil, but condone it.

At the Kent farm, Jonathan and Martha are preparing to go to the store, when the house explodes. The perpetrator, Atomic Skull, enters the remnants of the house and uperboy by the hair, and reaches for Martha Kent. Superboy, unconscious, hangs limp. He beckons to Martha, "You're next. Then I find your husband. Don't ask me why. It's just gotta be done." Jonathan breaks his concentration by hitting him with a shotgun blast. The blast tears his hood off, making him leak radiation. Superman suddenly appears and grabs Atomic Skull and takes him into the sky, where the Skull immediately detonates.

It is reveal that several super-villains are running amok in Smallville and targeting specific individuals who are associated with Clark Kent.

Clark's old coach tears feet across the mat of the track trying desperately to get away from a hundred chasing Riots. Superman fortunately arrive, puts them all in a barrel, and tells the coach that he's safe. Superman suddenly sprints to his dentist after securing his parents, and saves the doctor from Quakemaster.

At Clark's college, one of his professors is harangued by Hellgrammite until Superman comes and cashes Helgrammite's check. Superman apologizes and leaves. Thereafter he heads to the local library and saves a librarian from Firefist by freezing the latter in ice. At Clark's physician's office, Ratcatcher unleashes his rats on the waiting room and the doctor before Superman arrives. Superman then saves his accountant from the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Then he stops Hi-Tech from causing trouble with his eye doctor.

At Planet Krypton, Jimmy Olsen and his friends eat and debate before King Shark arrives. Superman arrives after a signal watch beeps him, and he tears King Shark about before leaving him a broken heap. Superman tells Jimmy not to feel bad, then sees smoke pouring from the Daily Planet building. Realizing Lois is in danger, Superman quickly flies off.



  • Kris Mathers, the TV host of "Fastball", is a stand-in for Chris Matthews host of the real-world TV show "Hardball".

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