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"Prestidigitation Nation": In the Oval Office, Luthor meets with the Senate Majority Leader. He thinks about how easily he could remove this man, but he's in the mood for a little sport instead. Luthor smiles as he thinks that politics is actually a fun sport.

Appearing in "Prestidigitation Nation"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Assassin Lad

Other Characters:

  • Senator Calvin Kale




Synopsis for "Prestidigitation Nation"

In the Oval Office, Luthor meets with the Senate Majority Leader. He thinks about how easily he could remove this man, but he's in the mood for a little sport instead. Luthor smiles as he thinks that politics is actually a fun sport.

Lois and Clark hurry towards the arena, ready to see the rally for the mysterious new presidential candidate. Moving inside, Clark says that anyone knows him as is "The Candidate". The lights dim down as a voice comes over the loudspeakers and the Candidate emerges on to the stage. Amidst laser shows and explosions he tells the crowd that he has a new vision of America, and his message "We can achieve". Clark just watches, unimpressed.

The next morning, Lois and Clark sit with Perry White in his office and discuss the rally. Perry guesses correctly that they both want to interview him. He tells the couple that whoever brings him an interview first gets the interview. As Lois agrees to this, Clark sees an emergency report on the television and quickly excuses himself.

In deep space, a space station orbits around an alien world. Inside the station two aliens make small talk around a bar. One of them reads a passage to the other, and then puts the book away as red armor creeps up over his body. He turns to his companion and says "Assassin Lad launch".

Superman soars onto the scene in Cairo, where a gigantic finger is protruding from the skies, and devastating everything it comes into contact with. Superman plunges straight into the attacker. A mysterious voice immediately screams at him for interfering with destiny. He is the god of the dead, and he will not be refused. Superman gathers his strength and tells the god of the dead to meet the will to live. With a burst of strength Superman destroys the hand.

In the aftermath of their salvation, a group of children gather around Superman. As he takes off into the sky a young boy asks an older man what just happened. The man tells the boy that the Hand of Osiris has been legend for centuries and a solar cycle finally triggered its release. However, Superman was there and in the battle of life versus death, life won.

In Pittsburgh, the Candidate puts on the same show that he did in Metropolis. Lois sits in the crowd scribbling notes. Lois meets Clark in a nightclub for dinner. They discuss their wager when suddenly a drunken man stumbles onto their table. He tells them that everyone in the press corps is betting which will come first, the election or their divorce.

Walking back to their hotel room, Lois tells Clark that they have to do this the old-fashioned way, without any super powers. Clark agrees and the couple goes to sleep.

After Clark is asleep, Lois quietly slips from the bed and dons a black jumpsuit and creeps into the Candidates offices. Coming around a corner, she walks straight into a guard. The man tells her to come with him. Leading her into another room, she finds the Candidate sitting on the floor, meditating to a mantra of taxes and foreign aid. His campaign manager heads her off and tells her that there are not to be any interviews. The Candidate doesn't need to sell himself to the press, he is already the people's choice. Suddenly the manager turns back to the Candidate and hurries away from Lois. With his back turned, Lois quietly grabs his PDA from the tabletop and leaves.

Returning to the hotel room, Lois finds Clark gone and a note sitting on her pillow. Reading it, Clark says he knew that she'd be sneaky, and he had an emergency to take care of on the west coast. Reading through the PDA, Lois calls up a hacker acquaintance and asks him to hack into the security company for the candidate. He tells Lois that a few weeks ago someone put out a hit on the Candidate.

In New York, an expanding energy field scares a sleeping bum out of his alley. When the glow vanishes Assassin Lad is standing there.


  • This book was first published on August 13, 2003.
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