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Adventures of Superman Vol 1 624


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 624

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"Strange New Visitor, Part 2": Mister Majestic saves a bewilder Lois Lane and helps her on a building. Majestic introduce himself to Lois, and then notify that he is not on his Earth and judges that the Time Storm is the cause for his appearance. Upon hearing t

Quote1 The similarities are more striking than the differences. It's.. a flavor thing. Like, ah, Pepsi and Coke? This is just a different brand. Quote2
-- Mister Majestic

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Synopsis for "Strange New Visitor, Part 2"

Mister Majestic saves a bewilder Lois Lane and helps her on a building. Majestic introduce himself to Lois, and then notify that he is not on his Earth and judges that the Time Storm is the cause for his appearance. Upon hearing the cries of help from the city's people as the Time Storm is raging across the city, Majestic immediately flies off to heed their calls leaving Lois totally confuse.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, John Henry Irons hears from the Eradicator's help in solving the Time Storm. The Eradicator shares his analysis to Irons that the cause of the storm is due to the irregular presence of Brainiac 13 technology (B-Tech) that is infused with Metropolis, as the technology is from the distant future the storm is reality violently rejecting it. This means that the Time Storm, a giant impenetrable chronal bubble, would expand and most likely causing a total reality collapse. Eradicator knows a solution is to find a way to "blow [the storm] away."

Majestic continues to successfully rescuing people form the storm and even beating the Masters of Disaster, while being mistakenly called by many as Superman.

Lois returns to the Daily Planet and the building is struck by lightning, causing debris to rain down on the Planet's staff. Majestic quickly arrive and shatter the debris, saving everyone. Majestic recommends Perry White in getting everyone out of the building for safety, and reunites with Lois.

Majestic explains to Lois of his origins from his universe and as to how he was brought to New Earth by some kind of quantum event that similarly happening in Metropolis. Lois then tells Majestic that there are some people he needs to talks to.

Majestic and Lois arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs where Majestic is willingly to help Irons and the others to stop the Time Storm. Irons then shows a device, a "Charged-Vacuum Emboitement" (as immediately stated and recognize by Majestic), a bomb powered by parts from the Phantom Zone Projecter combined with the shard from Imperiex's armor to be used in destroying the storm right at its center. However, Majestic points out to everyone that the CVE won't work and will only worsen in turning the Time Storm into a "Time Inferno". Eradicator becomes angry at his doubt, and starts questioning Majestic's presence. A time storm bolt hits steelworks, and Eradicator blames Majestic, who starts to explain, when Eradicator blasts him into the Phantom Zone. Lois objects, but John Henry and Eradicator leave to enact their plan regardless, realizing that time is short. John Henry chastises Eradicator, but Eradicator indicates that they don't have time to deal with Majestic right now, and that they'll take care of him later.

Shortly later the storm begins to destroy Metropolis. Lois immediately releases Majestic, who, standing angry, tells her that they are all going to die.



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