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Adventures of the Outsiders Vol 1 39


Adventures of the Outsiders Vol 1 39

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"Nuclear Fear, Part 1: Beginning with a Bang!": This story is reprinted from Outsiders #1.

Appearing in "Nuclear Fear, Part 1: Beginning with a Bang!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Biff (First appearance)
  • Brat (First appearance)
  • Dad (First appearance)
  • Dog (First appearance)
  • Mom (First appearance)
  • Sis (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Nuclear Fear, Part 1: Beginning with a Bang!"

This story is reprinted from Outsiders #1.

The Outsiders, newly located to Los Angeles without The Batman and embracing newcomer Looker, have to guard the grand opening of a nuclear power plant that has been targeted by terrorists. Little do they realize how unusual these "terrorists" are when they encounter The Nuclear Family ... Mom, Dad, Biff, Brat, Sis, and Dog! After fighting them, the Outsiders decide to use Looker as a decoy to find out who is behind the Family, but she is soon captured by their creator, radiation-sickness stricken Doctor Eric Shanner. He plans on destroying all life on Earth with radiation sickness as well!

Appearing in "Halo in Statue of Limitations"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Rama Lama of Ding Dong (racist charicature)


Synopsis for "Halo in Statue of Limitations"

This story is reprinted from Outsiders #1.

The Rama Lama of Ding Dong requests several stone statues of Halo. His acolytes fill his house with these statues, but it turns out he actually wanted a phone. The confusion came from how "Halo" sounds like the word "Hello" which you say when using a phone. The whole thing is kinda racist and doesn't really make sense.



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