Ahn Kwang-Jo is Dragonson, the descendants of King Munmu who was former ruler of the kingdom of Silla from Korea in the seventh century AD and the Aquaman of North Korea.


  • Transformation: While wielding the bone relic of King Munmu, Ahn Kwang-Jo is able to transform into his superhuman form, The Dragonson. The bone itself also transforms into a magic sword.[1]
  • Amphibian
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Hydrokinesis[1]: Ahn Kwang-Jo can produce massive quantities of water from his body that he can expel with great force or cause tidal waves. Initially, Ahn Kwang-Jo produced massive amounts of water when nervous in the form of perspiration.
  • Teleportation via Water: Ahn Kwang-Jo uses the surface of water as a portal through which mythological cryptids access this dimension.
  • Cryptid Control: Due to his parentage, aquatic cryptids follow his commands and seek to safeguard him.



  • Separation from Sword: Dragonson's powers are derived from his magic sword. Separation from it for more than a minute can cause his power to fade quickly.[1]