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Quote1 I knew this was a trap! Quote2
-- Akahara src

Akahara is a Gotham City crimelord who died during the War Games event. He was the leader of Gotham's Yakuza faction at the time. Spoiler set up a false summit of gang leaders that turned into a shoot-out when Able Crown reached for a cigarette lighter. Akahara pulled out a handgun while his bodyguard carried a katana. They were both shot dead in the chaos, although their assailant is unknown.[1] His replacement, Niko, protected the Yakuza when Orpheus tried to take them over.[2]

  • Akahara and his bodyguard are killed off-panel, leaving it unknown who wasted them. It is safe to say that it could've been anybody, because seriously, who brings a sword to a super-villain gunfight?[1]



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