Very little is known about Alan's early life. After having gained possession of a Power ring, Alan became the masked mystery man, known as the Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice Society of America. During this time, Alan was a CEO of his own broadcasting company. Alan was later framed by a government agency and was arrested for embezzlement. Just like the rest of his friends, Alan tried to take the blame and exonerate the others. Eventually, due to lack of evidence, missing witnesses and evidence of jury tampering, Alan was released along with rest of his teammates. Whatever happened to him after this and if he retained his position as CEO remains unknown.

In 2010 black and white footage of Alan was found by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan, along with Alan's criminal record. Later, Alan's power ring, lantern battery and domino mask was shown in a display case at the JSA Brownstone. Following the defeat of Icicle, Carter Hall mentioned that he would track down and contact Alan.


  • At the time of his arrest, Alan was 40 years old.[1]



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