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Super-villain; formerly a research scientist for S.T.A.R. Labs

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Albert Michaels was a scientist working for S.T.A.R Labs in Metropolis who suffered from a rare condition which affected the electrical impulses in his brain and caused him to have painful seizures which were increasing in frequency and intensity. In desperation, Michaels allowed the criminal organization SKULL to implant a radium powered device in his brain which (in theory) controlled his seizures but also allowed him to project blasts of energy from his brain, which he was to use in their service. Unfortunately, while the brain blast power worked, the seizures ultimately remained uncontrolled, and Michaels' condition actually worsened. Michaels needed SKULL to adjust the device, but unfortunately Superman captured the only scientists they had capable of doing it, leading Michaels to wrest control of the organization and swear vengeance on the man of steel for his condition as the Atomic Skull. The Skull clashed with Superman several times but was always defeated.


It is unclear how much of Michaels' previous history remained intact following the Crisis on Infinite Earths but he clashed with the Teen Titans on one occasion, and also (in a redesigned costume and with his mutation apparently more advanced) with Captain Atom. He has also encountered the Birds of Prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Energy Projection: The Atomic Skull can produce and projects blasts of atomic energy.


Michaels has no known connection to Joseph Martin, the second Atomic Skull, though his costume seems to be based on that worn by the old movie serial character after whom Martin named himself. While Michaels first appeared as the Atomic Skull in Superman Vol 1 323, he first appeared as himself in Superman Vol 1 303.


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