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Official Name
Alcatraz; The Rock; Block 1067, Block Group 1

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18.86 acres (0.0763 km²)

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Alcatraz is an island located in San Francisco Bay. It originally served as a lighthouse and a military fortification before being converted into a prison facility in 1933. Due to budgetary reasons and sanitary concerns, Alcatraz ceased to function as a prison in 1963. It was later converted into a National recreation area. Over the years however, Alcatraz has been the scene of several escape attempts and fights between super-powered combatants.

The mercenary known as Deathstroke once used the empty cell blocks of Alcatraz to bait the Teen Titans into a trap. He lured the young speedster Impulse into the block, where he then temporarily immobolized him with a tranquilizer dart. Before Impulse's super-speed could purge the poison from his system, Deathstroke used his weaponry to shoot out Impulse's kneecap. [1] Impulse was taken to Saint Luke's Hospital where he quickly recuperated.

Shortly thereafter, the cult of Brother Blood used the power at their disposal to revive the skeleton of the dead Demon-God, Trigon. Trigon's remains rose from San Francisco Bay, just off Alcatraz Island, to terrorize the Titans. [2]

Within a short period of time, Alcatraz's prison facility was re-opened. Jinx and Mammoth of the Fearsome Five were imprisoned and later escaped from Alcatraz Island. [3] Deathstroke was also incarcerated at Alcatraz after a failed attempt to assassinate Star City mayor, Oliver Queen. He soon escaped however, with the aid of a fellow mercenary named Constantine Drakon. [4]

Some time later, the Teen Titans members known as Ravager and Bombshell had a fight between one another while transporting the super-villain known as the Regulator to Alcatraz. [5]

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