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Alec Rois was once a physicist who worked on weapons technology for Lockleed Aircraft. He was the lead designer in a Stealthray prototype device that would enable users to teleport volumes of matter across remote distances. Lockleed intended on selling this device under a government contract for military applications. For reasons that remain unclear, Rois suffered a mental collapse and became involved with a fanatical fringe cult. Donning a white costume and cape, he became the leader of the cult under the pseudonym, the Faceless One.

Rois believed that the Stealthray was his own personal creation and he refused to acknowledge Lockleed's ownership of the device. He decided to take revenge against Lockleed and steal back the Stealthray prototype.

He employed three of his cult followers, Durang, Eli and Teresa, to track down the location of the prototype. They succeeded in tracing it to company CEO Martin Lockleed who was present at one of Lockleed's aircraft test facilities. Using a teleportation belt of his own design, the Faceless One appeared inside the facility and attacked Lockleed. As luck would have it though, Lockleed was attended by two guests, Captain Atom and Nightshade. Rois attempted to murder Lockleed by impaling him upon the front end of a fighter jet, but Captain Atom saved the man's life and used an energy blast to destroy the Stealthray prototype. In the resulting explosion, Rois was engulfed in the blast of quantum energy The Faceless One was thought to'v been eviscerated in its explosion.


All of the Ghost's powers originate with his costume and equipment.

After his exposure to the Quantum Field when his own transporter device exploded, his bodily mass was transformed into pure quantum based energy being tied with the Quantum Field.

Quantum Field Manipulation: Getting plunged into the Quantum Field had converted Rois' physical being into that of living Quantum Energy, similarly to Captain Atom. Unlike the atomic hero however The Faceless One is not tethered to the alien energy source via the Dilustel extracted from the Silver Shield, but is a free formed consciousness who is more dependent on his connection to it to keep alive. Akin to Atom and Major Force; Ghost can absorb, project and manipulate infinite amounts of energy for an infinite amount of purposes limited solely by his willpower and imagination.[1] Through it he can do a great many things other Q-Powered heroes or villains can do, only better. Being an ethereal being Ghost can't be affected by physical interaction unless he wills it so, meaning he can be immaterial while remaining physically able to interact with the world around him. He can also project and absorb vast amounts of raw energy, including the metaphysical energy produced by Captain Atom's Quantum Blasts. Thanks to his connection to the field Alec can potentially harness virtually limitless amounts of energy for his personal use, able to store it in his person, fire and control energy of any form or can simply fire it from any point on his body in multiple directions at once or from every point all at once. Ghost regularly uses his field connection to teleport long distances in the blink of an eye or store items and people of interest within his own little pocket space in the Quantum Field and even remotely transport others to and from the field around the world at will.[2]


  • Physics: Alec Rois was an expert in the field of physics and weapons technology.


  • Stealthray Belt: The Ghost utilizes a technologically advanced device in his belt which allows him to teleport from one remote location to another in an instant. The range and distance of this effect has yet to be revealed.
  • Energy Resistant cape: The Ghost wears a metallic, yet flexible, cape which reflects energy that is directed at it.
  • Flight capabilities: The Ghost is also capable of directional flight. As the Ghost himself has no inherent super-powers, this ability therefore must originate with his costume. Whether the ability to fly stems from his belt, cape or some other part of his uniform is unknown.
  • X-Ionizer: An item stolen from Project Atom by a brainwashed Lt. Allard. Used to create reinforced material for harvesting Dilustel and creating similar materials of near indestructible properties.


  • Stealthray: A prototype teleportation device which enables ghost to warp himself from anywhere in the world near instantly. The device works by linking with the Quantum Field to transfer matter into energy and back again.


  • Energy projector: The Ghost's belt buckle projects a destructive beam of energy.



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