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Alfred was an entertainer at the English Music Halls[2] who followed the dying wish of his father, Jarvis, to carry on the tradition of serving the Wayne family. To that end, Alfred went to Wayne Manor and introduced himself to Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson, insisting on becoming their butler. Despite not wanting or needing a butler, the pair did not have the heart to reject Alfred, who on his first night in the manor discovered his employer's secret: Bruce Wayne was Batman! Alfred proved his worth by calmly attending to his employer's injuries (Wayne had been injured in the field) and from then on added the support staff duties of the Dynamic Duo to his regular tasks.

During one mission, Batman asked Alfred to impersonate a detective using his middle names "Thaddeus Crane" in order to lure some criminals into a trap. To the public eye, Crane was the only person who knew Batman's secret identity and thus, he was wanted by several criminal factions in Gotham.[1]

Some time later, Alfred was cleaning the Batcave and he accidentally activated a machine, which was one of Batman's trophies. The machine gave Alfred super-strength and super-speed. Alfred used these powers to aid Batman and Robin on their missions as the masked hero called "The Eagle". Under this alias, Alfred was able to confront and stop the Joker, but unfortunately, his powers vanished after that mission.[3]

Alfred became very interested in writing fictional stories about Batman and Robin, set in a possible future. He wrote several of these stories, some of which he shared with Bruce and Dick.[4][5][6][7][8]

Death and The Outsider

Alfred as The Outsider

Alfred as The Outsider

A short time later, with Batman out of town, Alfred became aware of the activities of a group of criminals his employer was interested in and took it upon himself to tail them. Unfortunately getting himself captured, Alfred apparently sacrificed his life to save Batman and Robin when they arrived to rescue him and walked into a trap. In tribute to him, Bruce Wayne created The Alfred Foundation.[9]

Shortly after his death, Batman and Robin became the main targets of an unknown criminal called "The Outsider", who commanded various criminals to attack the heroes, among which were the Grasshopper Gang,[10] a mysterious witch[11] and a juggernaut man called Blockbuster.[12] Next, the Outsider used a strange chemical to animate Batman and Robin's arsenal and used the objects against them.[13]

It was later revealed that Alfred was not truly dead but was on the brink of death when he was found by the physicist Brandon Crawford, who attempted to revive him with a special radiation treatment; the same that mutated Alfred into a super powered being who called himself the Outsider, and who was driven by hatred of Batman. Eventually, Batman discovered the Outsider's true identity and restored him to normal. Alfred resumed his duties as Wayne's butler, with the assistance of Dick Grayson's Aunt Harriet.[14]

Butler and Hero Aid

As he returned to his usual activities, Alfred also helped Batman and Robin capture criminals on certain occasions.[15] Certain day, in an ironic twist of fate, Alfred captured the Penguin using an umbrella.[16] Later, Alfred was captured by a large criminal organization and he provided clues to the outside world, which allowed Batman and Robin to capture the wanted felons.[17]

The Outsider personality emerged once again and forced Alfred to attempt to murder Batman and Robin. However, Alfred's subconscious alerted the heroes leaving clues to the attack. When the Dynamic Duo were apparently killed by the Outsider's plan, the evil alter-ego disappeared from Alfred's mind permanenly.[18]

Not long after this, Alfred proved vital on a mission to rescue Robin from the criminal known as the Schemer[19] and later rescued Batman from a certain death.[20]

Alfred was eventually visited by his niece, Daphne, who was being blackmailed along with her father, Wilfred, by some of the actors on a play they were part of. Daphne's mission was to steal an original Shakespeare manuscript from Bruce Wayne and she succeeded, despite Alfred's intervention. Alfred then followed her back to the theater, where he learned of the foul play and he worked alongside Batman to save his brother and nephew from the crooked actors.[21]

Wayne Foundation

After his family reunion, Alfred and Bruce moved out of Wayne Manor. This decision was agreed after Dick Grayson left for college. Alfred and Bruce moved to the Penthouse of the Wayne Foundation building, which they transformed into their home and base of operations.[22] In order to keep Batman's activities, Bruce istalled a laboratory with special equipment, which Alfred used whenever Batman needed remote assistance.[23] Alfred would also help Bruce by gathering information and staging complex plans to capture criminals.[24]

Eventually, Alfred was seriously injured while he investigated some claims of vandalism in Wayne Manor. What he believed to be just young pranksters destroying the abandoned place, turned out to be a crazed Ubu who wanted revenge against Batman. Alfred tried to escape, but the juggernaut attacked him and tossed him over the staircase, almost killing him. When the police rescued him, Alfred was able to make a statement about the attack, but could only recognize the attacker as a "monster".[25]

Alfred recovered from this vicious attack and he soon resumed his duties as Wayne's butler and aid. Alfred was tasked to investigate the weapon that Ra's al Ghul used to kill himself[26] and he discovered vital information that allowed Batman to clear his name.[27]

Eventually, Alfred was reunited with his long lost daughter Julia Remarque, the daughter of his former lover Mademoiselle Marie.


(All the powers as Outsider only)[28]


  • Acting: He was an actor prior to becoming a butler.
  • Aviation: Alfred has shown certain level of skill to pilot the Bat-Copter.[19][20]
  • Science (As Outsider only)[29]
  • Medical Science: Alfred is capable of providing first aid and has basic medical skills.[30]
  • Mimicry: His ability for vocal mimicry means he can impersonate Bruce Wayne on the telephone convincingly.
  • This version of Alfred Pennyworth, including all history and corresponding appearances, was initially erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985-86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. However the ending of Convergence retroactively prevented that collapse saving all the alternate realities though in an "evolved" form. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.


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