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Outsider Earth 3 001
Information-silkReal NameAlfred Pennyworth
Information-silkCurrent AliasOutsider
Information-silkAffiliationCrime Syndicate, Secret Society
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkUniverseEarth 3
Information-silkCreatorsGeoff Johns, Brett Booth
First AppearanceAppearance of Death

Quote1 They've done my job for me. I am an Outsider on this world. Ha. I am the Outsider. And I serve my master well. Quote2
-- The Outsider src

Alfred Pennyworth was a destitute man rescued and given a grand purpose by young Thomas Wayne Jr. He helped the boy kill his parents, ultimately firing the shots that killed them, and he continued to serve the boy as he grew into the crime lord known as Owlman. He served loyally and well for several years as Owlman helped run Gotham City - and, as part of the Crime Syndicate, the whole world.

But Pennyworth's fate, along with the rest of his world, changed when a powerful force brought ruin to his world. Realizing what was at stake, the Crime Syndicate tried to escape their world for another. As luck would have it, the walls between worlds were still weakened by the passage of Darkseid, and they forged a path to Prime Earth. However, the passage was unstable, and only two people made it through, Pennyworth and the villainess Atomica, made the trip.

Confused by the differences in this new world, Pennyworth set out to learn what he could. After a year, he began a plan: to found a force to unite the villains, and to gain control of Pandora's Box, which he could use to free his master.

The Plan In Action

As the Outsider, Pennyworth used the Secret Society to stage a shadow war against A.R.G.U.S., seeding key agents into their ranks. He managed to arrange matters so that he gained control of Pandora's Box at a critical moment when the heroes were distracted by a crippled Superman, allowing him the freedom to bring the Crime Syndicate into the world.

At the same time, he recruited Bane to his side, offering him an army with which to seize Gotham. Bane apparently accepted.

Forever Evil

After his master had been freed, Pennyworth stayed in the wrecked Watchtower, mostly looking after their two prisoners, Nightwing and Mazahs. He was accosted by Pandora, but she got little information from him. He remained at his post, and was killed by Black Manta when the Injustice League broke into the Watchtower.


  • Silver Coins: The Outsider is the only known origin of the Secret Society's silver coins, which they use as badges of identification and as communication devices. One side of the coins shows Pandora's Box flanked by a motto, "oderint dum metuant". The other side shows a view of North and South America on Earth 3, flanked by another motto, "aeternus malum".
  • At some point, Pennyworth was dosed with Joker Venom by the Joker of Earth 3, turning his skin grey-white and making him laugh at inopportune moments.


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