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Alia Smallville
Information-silkReal NameAlia
Information-silkRelativesAlia (genetic template, deceased)
Information-silkAffiliationMajor Zod
Information-silkBase Of OperationsMetropolis
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkOccupationKandorian soldier
Information-silkCreatorsKelly Souders, Brian Peterson
First AppearanceAppearance of Death
(September, 2009)
(February, 2010)

Quote1 Because you betrayed us. Quote2
-- Alia src


Alia was a soldier in Kandor fighting alongside Major Zod and his army battalion against the forces of Black Zero. Before the decisive battle, Alia agreed to donate a sample of her blood for an experiment as a way for the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race should Rao's prophecy ever come true. After doing that, Alia died during the explosion of Kandor along with many other of her fellow soldiers.

Alia was one of the many de-powered cloned Kryptonian soldiers created from the Orb in the Luthor Mansion, saluting to serve under Zod, who had also been resurrected as a clone by the Orb. Sometime later, Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan saw Alia on a video at the Ace of Clubs, and Clark asked Jor-El about her origins. Jor-El explained that Alia was a Kandorian and told Clark that maybe she didn't come alone. Alia was with Basqat and Faora when Zod ordered them to capture Jor-El; they took Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, where he was being held. About a year later, Alia confessed to dealing a fatal wound to Jor-El before releasing him, and offered a gun to Zod so that justice could be done; Zod then killed Alia. Later, at her funeral, Zod put her body on a pyre and branded a Kryptonian symbol on her forehead before lighting the pyre on fire.

Alternate Future

In the alternate future where the Kandorians had turned Earth's yellow sun red, gained their powers and seized control, Alia dealt with a human thief by branding his back with the Mark of Zod. Seeing Lois Lane, Alia saw she was hungry and asked what she had to trade when Clark stepped in and gave Alia his father's watch. Later, Alia found Chloe running towards Lois after she had initiated a virus to take down the solar tower, and stabbed Chloe with her saber, killing her. Alia followed Lois back through time by grabbing onto her when she put on the Legion ring. Alia followed Lois to the present, where she attacked Lois, seemingly with no powers. Later, she displayed her heat vision, super strength, and super speed as she followed Lois to Oliver Queen, in order to lure Clark to her. Once Clark brought Alia to the Kent Farm, she told him that he would betray them (the Kandorians) and bring about the end of 'their' world (the alternate future Alia traveled back to). They battled, with Alia using blue kryptonite to render the both of them powerless, but Clark won the fight as Alia was impaled on her own sword. Before dying, Alia looked up to Clark and said that she was sorry.


  • Alia was played by Monique Ganderton. Ganderton was a stunt double for Cassidy Freeman who played Tess Mercer.
  • Alia has died three times. The original Alia died when Kandor blown up. The cloned Alia from the future died during a battle against Clark. And finally, the clone in the present timeline was killed by Zod for murdering Jor-El.
  • The show never explained how the time traveling Alia retained her powers, under a yellow sun.


  • Alia doesn't like needles.


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