As a child, Alicia Baker was affected by the 1989 meteor shower in Smallville, which caused her to develop a metahuman ability to teleport. Her parents freaked and locked her in a lead-lined room in their house, which prevented Alicia from using her power.

As a high school student, in 2004, Alicia discovered that fellow student, Clark Kent, also possessed powers. As a result, they began dating, but Alicia quickly became obsessed with Clark and tried to kill her rival, Lana Lang. Afterwards, she was taken to Belle Reve.

A year later, Alicia had been given a special lead bracelet, that prevented her from using her powers and she was released from Belle Reve. Alicia's return was met with much hostility from the locals, due to her past. Desperately, Alicia used red Kryptonite on Clark, to get him to marry her. He later forgave her for this, when she risked her own life to protect his secret.

Alicia later became a prime suspect, when Lana and her boyfriend, Jason, were attacked by a mysterious metahuman. Alicia was herself ultimately killed by the true attacker, Tim Westcott.



  • Power Limitation: Alicia's abilities could be inhibited by lead, either in the form of lead paint or a lead-lined room.
  • Obsession (formerly)
  • Alica Baker was portrayed by Sarah Carter.
  • Although not technically legal, Alicia was Clark Kent's first wife.



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