One day on their expedition, Alien Dog broke out of his collar on Soto's space ship and crashed the vehicle. Alien Dog then ran free around Jump City where he bumped into dog Beast Boy. Beast Boy was abducted by Soto and Alien Dog ran free to be caught by the Titans. When Alien Dog was taken to Soto, Alien Dog became Soto's new master and put the shock collar on the large alien. The two drove off in their space ship, never to be seen again.


  • Liquification: Alien Dog is able to temporarily liquify his entire body to be able to escape through small spaces and sewer grates.
  • Extendable Tongue: Alien Dog's tongue can be shot and extended at will.



  • Electro-Shock Collar: After his visit to Earth, Soto's Dog put the electro-shock collar on Soto. The dog then became Soto's new master.


  • Soto's Space Ship