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"The Double-Crossing Decoy": One day at WXYZ radio station, Alan Scott is distracted with pondering how, as Green Lantern, to lure the elusive Harlequin back into the open, and his secretary Molly Maynne is distracted with scheming on how to make Green Lantern fall in love with her, in her other

Appearing in "The Double-Crossing Decoy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harlequin’s gang: at least five thugs plus a submarine crew.

Other Characters:


  • Customs Island



Synopsis for "The Double-Crossing Decoy"

One day at WXYZ radio station, Alan Scott is distracted with pondering how, as Green Lantern, to lure the elusive Harlequin back into the open, and his secretary Molly Maynne is distracted with scheming on how to make Green Lantern fall in love with her, in her other identity as the Harlequin. That evening each of them changes into their other identities, getting ready for a night of crime. Harlequin is startled to see Green Lantern flying directly to her house, and rapidly changes back into mufti, and greets him, as he enters through a large open window.

Green Lantern’s plan is to take Molly out on a date, making Harlequin jealous enough to strike, but by awkward coincidence, the show he takes her to is at the Palladium, the very venue Harlequin and her gang have been planning to rob, that very night. Molly slips away from Alan, hoping to contact her gang and call off the robbery, but it’s too late. The show’s two metal fake elephants go wild and endanger the spectators. Meanwhile Molly has changed outfits, and G.L. spots her running out on to the field.

Harlequin’s gangsters are operating the metal elephants, and they see her out on the field, signaling them to 86 the robbery, then they see Green Lantern; so they attack him with the mechanical monsters. Lantern severs the head of one of the fake beasts, and Harlequin blasts the other with an electric ray from her spectacles. Green Lantern is swooping down on the other, headless robot, when Harlequin uses the same electric ray to blind him. By the time he can see again, the thugs have abandoned the robot beast and Harlequin has slipped away in the crowd.

She changes into Molly’s clothes and gets flying Green Lantern’s attention, he scoops her up and carries her off; the Palladium show is a bust but their date shall continue. They’ll go instead to the “Old and New Arms” exhibit. There they look over an ejector-seat-acceleration-simulation tower, and some wax figures wielding crossbows and longbows, then Green Lantern seemingly has a panic attack and yells for the whole crowd to flee the scene, while arrows are being shot at the people. G.L. loses track of Molly in the stampede. Inside the exhibit, three hoodlums have put down their bows and are opening a crate full of firearms, an unfortunate choice, as just then Green Lantern flies back into the room and these metal weapons are useless against him. But just as G.L. is about to win this fight, the Harlequin gets up behind him with her wooden mandolin, and konks him unconscious with it. Then she starts harshly disciplining her own hoods, with the electric ray glasses, until one of them gets behind her with a pistol handle, and konks her unconscious with it.

When Harlequin wakes up, she sees Green Lantern tied to the operable rocket in the ejector-seat-acceleration-simulation tower exhibit, and asks if she can kiss him goodbye before they throw the “launch” switch. She slips something into G.L.’s hand, then the rocket shoots up, through the exhibit building’s closed skylight, and into the sky. The object in G.L.’s hand seems to be a mechanical pencil, but when he pushes the top, ouch!, he gets a surprise! It turns out to be an incendiary pencil, which he uses to burn away the ropes holding him to the rocket.

Meanwhile the rebellious thugs are taking Harlequin along with them on their next big job, at Customs Island, to steal a bunch of confiscated contraband, so they can show her how crime is really done properly, before they murder her. To Harlequin’s great surprise, they can now fly. They arrive at Customs Island and some of the gangsters attack from above, while offshore a submarine surfaces and fires its cannon at the fort. Just then Green Lantern flies onto the scene, and grabs the sub, pushing it onto dry land, then attacking the flying men, who turn out to be wearing one-man helicopter gizmos, stolen from the arms exhibit. The one carrying Harlequin drops her, and she makes a pretty good distraction, as G.L. dives to rescue her, but then he uses the green energy to melt all of their helicopter equipment, and to catch them in a net. When they still try to keep shooting he simply punches them out at lightning speed.

Police arrive to round up the gangsters, but Green Lantern takes no chances with Harlequin and personally delivers her to jail. Only they let her keep her unique spectacles, so as soon as Green Lantern is gone, Harlequin hypnotizes the jail guard and escapes. The next day at WXYZ, Alan and Molly still don’t even suspect each others’ secret identities.

Appearing in "The Village that Time Forgot"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Village that Time Forgot"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Also appearing in this issue of All-American Comics were:
    • Cotton-Top Katie: (No Mail), by Harry Lampert
    • Black Pirate: "Scourge of the Golden Slaves", by Arthur F. Peddy & Bernard Sachs
    • Hop Harrigan: "Cyrus P. Greenback", by Howard Purcell


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