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All-Star Comics Vol 1 28


All-Star Comics Vol 1 28

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"Justice Society of America: "The Paintings that Walked the Earth!"": Men in the future uncover a note from the Justice Society of America on sealed paint jars with a warning, and the story of a painter-cum-archeologist that unearthed six jars of magica

Quote1 We'd never forgive ourselves for not having tackled it! Quote2
-- Doctor Mid-Nite

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Paintings that Walked the Earth!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Living Paint Beings
    • Archers
    • Cavemen
    • Gangsters
    • Knights
    • Moors
    • Seahorse Cowboys
  • Jed (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Black Jack Cassidy
  • Captain Ira Haggard
  • Elbert Jenkins
  • Greg Scallop
  • Hank Kavanaugh
  • Josh Mason
  • Miss Evans




  • S.S. Headliner

Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Paintings that Walked the Earth!"

Men in the future uncover a note from the Justice Society of America on sealed paint jars with a warning, and the story of a painter-cum-archeologist that unearthed six jars of magical paint from Atlantis, with the power to make anything he paints come to life when struck by moonlight. The man uses it to create six paintings to gain revenge on six college classmates who have surpassed him. But when a fatal car accident causes him to have a change of heart, he calls on the Justice Society to save the men he has marked for death.

Hawkman rescues an archeologist from a painting of gangsters. The archeologist has just recovered a treasure trove of Atlantean artifacts and is unwilling to flee the gangsters, however, they find the gangsters are indestructible. Knowing the paintings have to be back in the canvas by morning, Hawkman takes the canvas and leads the mobsters away. Green Lantern reaches a big game hunter and warns him in time about the painting. The hunter’s rivals overhear Green Lantern’s warning, and open the painting anyway, and are killed by the archers in the painting. The screams give the hunter time to escape and warn Green Lantern, but his power ring is ineffective against them, so Green Lantern and the hunter flee. As dawn nears, Green Lantern takes the canvas, forcing the archers to chase him. Doctor Mid-Nite warns a mine owner about the dangers of the painting he received. The owner does not believe Dr. Mid-Nite’s warning until he sees that the knights in the painting are attacking his miners. Dr. Mid-Nite jumps into the mine to fend off the knights, allowing the miners to escape, he then takes off with the canvas on skis to lead the knights away from the mine. Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt fly to an ocean liner to rescue a ship’s captain. Johnny doesn’t know which painting is the problem, so he attacks one at random. Thinking he’s crazy, the captain throws Johnny in the brig. When the seahorse cowboys in the painting come to life, the Thunderbolt breaks Johnny out, but neither one is able to stop them, so Johnny grabs the canvas and the Thunderbolt flies them to safety. The Atom came to the estate of an oil baron just in time to fight off the moors in a painting. The Atom is eventually beaten, and but pursues the moors to the oil field. Unable to find a way to stop the moors, the Atom decides to drive back to the estate and flee with the canvas. The Flash arrives to save a circus owner from a painting of cavemen and prehistoric beasts, but the circus owner talks so much trying to get Flash to join the circus, he allows the cavemen come to life. The Flash deals with them easily, but they keep coming. Eventually he is able to trap them using super speed, then he takes the canvas and runs away with it.

All the members converge at Justice Society headquarters with the blank canvases in their possession and paint-beings in pursuit. After hanging up their canvases, the beings return to their paintings. Flash decides that the best plan is to scrape the paint back into the original jars. Hawkman welded the jars back together, Green Lantern sealed the jars with his ring, and Wonder Woman wrote a warning to all future people to not open the jars.



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