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All-Star Comics Vol 1 34


All-Star Comics Vol 1 34

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"Justice Society of America: "The Wiles of the Wizard!"": The Wizard, a criminal super-magician, is convinced that the Justice Society is really a gang of criminals posing as heroes in order to pull off a colossal theft some

Quote1 Seven brilliant crime-fighters! All with unmatched ability -- and they're all honest! Funny, but that's one possibility I never considered--- Never! Quote2
-- The Wizard

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Wiles of the Wizard!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Wizard (First appearance)
    • James Mollon

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Eberley
  • Mr. Farnsworth
  • Richards




Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Wiles of the Wizard!"

The Wizard, a criminal super-magician, is convinced that the Justice Society is really a gang of criminals posing as heroes in order to pull off a colossal theft sometime in the future, and insists he be included in their plans. When they protest that they have no such plans, he challenges them to prove their heroism by foiling five crimes which are soon to be committed.

Hawkman flies to a party at a wealthy estate. Two crooks have filled party balloons with gas to knock out the guests and rob their valuables. Hawkman uses his wings to dissipate the gas and knocks out the crooks. The Wizard appears, believing Hawkman is only pretending to be good, and sends Hawkman to a frozen mountaintop. Lighting some of his feathers on fire to keep warm, he cracks the ice. This breaks the Wizard’s spell and sends him back to the party, where he rounds up the crooks. Doctor Mid-Nite arrives at a bank and breaks up a check fraud operation. The Wizard arrives and uses magic to tie up the Doctor. At the Wizard’s behest, the Wizard’s men throw Dr. Mid-Nite into a bay. He escapes, then capsizes the gang’s boat, and forces the gang to kick the boat to jail.

Two men sabotage a laboratory experiment, hoping to knock out the scientists and steal their formulas. The Flash stops the heist, but the Wizard materializes from a puff of smoke and captures Flash in a glass tube. The Wizard gives his men the tube, and the men load flash into an oven. Using his super-speed, Flash makes the tube into a rocket and frees himself, then rips the men’s getaway car from its chassis. The Atom arrives at a fur truck heist, where the Wizard's gang has tailed a fur truck to a drawbridge, then opened the bridge to box in the truck. The Atom dispatches all the men, but a nearby bird transforms to the Wizard. The Atom tries to attack him, but with a wave of his wand, the Wizard ties him up with a nearby cable. To kill the Atom, the gang hangs the atom from the top of the bridge, and closes it. Although he is unable to break free, the Atom, swings on top of the bridge, so that the closing bridge only snaps the cable, freeing him to capture the gang and lock them up in the fur truck.

As an inventor tests his new railroad safety switch with his model trains, the Wizard’s men arrive, and steal the switch. Flying in through the window, Green Lantern stops the robbery and defeats the men. The Wizard, observing inside a model train, transforms to full-size, and shrinks Green Lantern (but not his ring) so that he can tie him to the model train track. Reaching his ring with his feet, the Green Lantern recovers and knocks out the escaping men with his power ring.

Back at Headquarters, Johnny Thunder fumes to Wonder Woman about the fact that he wasn’t given a case. The other members return, but find the Wizard waiting for them. He traps the JSA by transforming their headquarters into his ship. The Wizard tells them his story about how gave up being a simple gunman, and studied hypnotism and astral projection with Tibetan Monks, and then learned black magic. One final time, the Wizard asks to be included in their secret “plans” to commit crimes. The Justice Society refuses, and the Wizard conjures up monsters to attack them. Dr. Mid-Nite realizes that the monsters are hypnotic suggestions and uses a blackout bomb to make the creatures disappear. Admitting defeat, the Wizard dives into a vat of acid and vanishes.



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