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All-Star Comics Vol 1 35


All-Star Comics Vol 1 35

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"Justice Society of America: "The Day That Dropped Out Of Time"": The Justice Society of America finds in their possession a shield, inscribed with a message of thanks in Macedonian. However, none of the members ever recall having seen it. [[Diana of

Quote1 With the world brought back to the dark ages there's too much injustice for six people to handle! Quote2
-- Atom

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Day That Dropped Out Of Time"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Benson
  • Joe
  • Mayor of Gotham
  • Professor Appleby
  • Professor Braun
  • Professor Staley




Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Day That Dropped Out Of Time"

The Justice Society of America finds in their possession a shield, inscribed with a message of thanks in Macedonian. However, none of the members ever recall having seen it. Wonder Woman puts the shield into the Magic Sphere, which shows them the story of their mission that they do not remember.

The Sphere begins the story with “the change”, an event that causes all technology to revert back to the middle ages. The change was caused when Per Degaton steals Professor Zee’s time-machine, and shoots Zee in the process. Degaton travels back to 331 B.C., at which time he supplies the Persians with modern weapons, causing Alexander the Great to lose the Battle of Arbela, which in turn causes all modern inventions to vanish from the 20th Century. Degaton, who has been hiding in an arsenal outside of the changed timeline, conquers America handily.

Meanwhile, Prof. Zee has been found and moved to a hospital, where he summons the Justice Society to his bedside. He explains what has happened, but as he is about to reveal the event he believes Degaton altered, the professor is shot again. The members split up and do some reconnaissance missions, to determine Degaton's origins and intentions, while Johnny Thunder, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern stay behind to give 24-hour guard to Professor Zee.

Flash visits a time capsule to see if he can recover some penicillin protected from “the change”. He stumbles into Degaton and his secret arsenal. Degaton escapes, and Flash returns with the penicillin for the professor. The Atom searches for Degaton to see if he can find out the secret of what event was changed. He finds Degaton’s army looting, and gets the drop on Degaton, and learns that Degaton changed a battle, before being knocked out by Degaton’s henchmen. Waking up, he escapes and returns to report what he knows. Hawkman sets out to protect the Mayor of Gotham from Degaton’s attack. He saves the mayor and returns him to City Hall to help keep order. Doctor Mid-Nite races to protect the top scientists, fearing that Degaton will attack them to keep them from erasing his technological advantage. Dr. Mid-Nite is captured, but escapes with help from the scientists, and returns the favor by rescuing the scientists from a firing squad.

When they all return, the penicillin has made Zee well enough to talk, and he tells them of Degaton's interference in the Battle of Arbela. Green Lantern sets off alone to restore the timeline. Finding the time-machine and Degaton, Green Lantern attacks, but is knocked out, and Degaton sends him into the future. Green Lantern wakes ten years in the future and is discovered by the other members of the Justice Society, who are now outlaws in Degaton’s regime, because of Green Lantern’s failure to complete his mission. The Green Lantern uses his ring to bring the Justice Society back to that fated battle and use their powers to again turn the tide in Alexander's favor. Successful, and with the timeline restored, the Justice Society no longer needs to go back in time, so the mission never happened, and the JSA return to their own time with only Alexander's shield as a memento.



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