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"Justice Society of America: "The Mysterious Mister X"": Mister X, the mysterious mastermind of a large American crime syndicate, sends the various gangs at his command in an aggressive operation against the individual Justice Society members.

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Mysterious Mister X"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mister X (First appearance)
  • Arson Racketeers
  • Flame Farmer
  • The Kidnappers Union
  • Gentle Grady
  • Wing Norris
  • Grips
  • Magico
  • Mrs. Vera Ross-Cooper
  • "Monkey" Macy
  • Joe
  • Tony
  • Patsy
  • Muscles
  • Butch
  • Slug
  • Crusher
  • Smasher
  • Nix
  • Baretti, gambling racketeer
    • his gang
  • Professor

Other Characters:

  • Masie
  • Clancy
  • Enrico




Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Mysterious Mister X"

Mister X, the mysterious mastermind of a large American crime syndicate, sends the various gangs at his command in an aggressive operation against the individual Justice Society members.

Mr. X's underboss Baretti, a gambling racketeer, tries to frame the Spectre for a crime. The Spectre learns the hard way that Baretti is inexplicably armed with the Ring of Life, and is momentarily defeated by it. The Ring vanishes after the Spectre flings the gangsters' car against a tree, killing them all.

Hawkman builds a second Nth metal belt and wings for Shiera Sanders, who, while not yet Hawkgirl, does have an adventure. She makes a fool of some criminals but is shot in the process. Inza Cramer also gets shot. Dian Belmont gets kidnapped, and the Sandman rescues her.

Hourman gets framed for yet another crime that he didn't commit, but he outsmarts the framers. Flash defeats Flames Farmer, an arsonist and learns about the larger plot against the JSA. Green Lantern defends Capitol City against a bombing raid, which still takes out the lights. The Atom breaks up a gymnasium racket.

After wiping out eight different gangs, the JSA compare notes and are annoyed that none of them has yet identified the mysterious Mr. X. But Mr. X himself, a small, meek, and nebbishy man, who has unobtrusively been on the scene at all eight earlier confrontations, now shows up and turns himself in. He is completely frustrated that all of his rackets have been broken up and has now resolved to retire to prison and live off the state.

Appearing in Johnny Thunder: "Johnny On The Spot"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Joe "The Butcher"
  • "Small Change"
  • Commissioner Darcy

Other Characters:


  • Appleville



Synopsis for Johnny Thunder: "Johnny On The Spot"

Johnny Thunder gets a new job as an elevator boy in the building where Herman Darling works. One day, two gunmen, Joe "The Butcher" and "Small Change," arrive at the building to pay a visit to Mr. Darling; Johnny refuses to take them to the floor where Darling lives. At the same time, Daisy Darling arrives and tells Johnny to take her to her father's floor. Stymied, Johnny takes her there, and the two gunmen follow her into her father's office.

Back in the elevator, Johnny accidentally says his magic word, summoning his Thunderbolt. During the following hour, Johnny discovers that the gunmen have been sent by Commissioner Darcy, who wants to get a rake-off from Darling. Johnny prevents Mr. Darling from being shot and orders the two gunmen to walk into the elevator with him. Compelled to comply by the Thunderbolt, the two villains do as they are told, but, once they are inside the elevator, Johnny is knocked unconscious and is left at the bottom of the elevator shaft. The gunmen return to the office and they kidnap the Darlings.

Daisy Darling is left bound and gagged along with her father in the elevator. The two gunmen cut the cable so they will both die when it crashes down, crushing Johnny in the process. Fortunately, Johnny wakes up just in time, and, as his magic hour isn't over yet, he orders the elevator to stop. When he goes up agai,n he finds that the police have arrived, and they have rescued Daisy and her father. Johnny uses his Thunderbolt once again to find the two hidden gunmen. They are arrested, and Commissioner Darcy's corruption is exposed.


  • This issue is reprinted in All-Star Comics Archives Vol. 1.
  • An announcement on this issue's last page says that next issue the Flash will be leaving active JSA membership.
  • Hawkman
    • Shiera Sanders dons a spare set of Nth Metal flying gear and a modified costume, and she does impersonate Hawkman, to fool some dim criminal morons, but she does not call herself Hawkgirl. That will change in Flash Comics #24 Dec 1941.
  • The Spectre:
    • According to Roy Thomas[1], the ring that appeared out of nowhere to immobilize the Spectre, in this issue, and the Ring of Life that was given to the Spectre by The Voice, back in More Fun Comics #60 Oct 1940, were one and the same. This same ring would later be used to restore Jim Corrigan to life, in More Fun #75 Jan 1942.
    • At the end of this same chapter, the ring vanishes. As seen in All-Star Squadron #28 Dec 1983, the evil alien sorcerer Kulak has drawn the Ring to his extradimensional resting place, where he uses it to restore his eldritch power.


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