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Quote1 You can call me Power Girl, Wildcat. It's as good a name as any other, and it won't confuse you with my cousin. His name you already know--it's Superman. Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "All Star Super Squad"

Featured Characters:

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  • Brain Wave's hover-ship

Synopsis for "All Star Super Squad"

Doctor Mid-Nite receives information on the JSA computer alerting the team to various geological emergencies taking place across the globe. If these disasters are not stopped, all life on Earth will be destroyed. The Justice Society splits into teams of two and responds to each emergency. Hawkman and Doctor Mid-Nite investigate an Earthquake in Seattle. They find the young hero the Star-Spangled Kid active on the scene and decide to hold back to see how well the Kid does on his own. Hawkman decides that if things grow beyond his control, then they will intervene on his behalf.

Green Lantern and Doctor Fate investigate a similar disaster taking place in Capetown, South Africa. While there, they encounter Richard Grayson who has been corresponding with government officials on behalf of the United Nations. Seeing that Fate and Green Lantern are having difficulty resolving the nearby geological crisis, Richard changes into his Robin costume and lends a hand.

Meanwhile, the Flash and Wildcat race to Peking, China in response to an active volcano. At super-speed, the Flash burrows a ditch around the perimeter of the volcano to contain the flowing lava, but it is not enough. Both heroes are shocked when a super-powered young woman flies down out of the sky and caps the top of the volcano. She introduces herself as Power Girl and that she is Superman's Kryptonian cousin.

Elsewhere, the true architect behind these environmental disasters reveals himself - Brain Wave.


  • Advance copies of this issue were mailed to select individuals. As such, this issue includes a letters column with letters from notable comic enthusiests Roy Thomas and Jerry Bails.
  • First appearance of Power Girl. She is introduced as Superman's cousin and has been operating in secret for quite some time. Power Girl is an analog to the Earth-One super-hero Supergirl. It is revealed in a footnote that Power Girl has been operating in secret for several years, considerably longer than Supergirl did on Earth-One.
  • Power Girl coins the name "Super Squad" in this issue. The Super Squad is not so much a separate team from the JSA, but rather it represents the newest members to the roster beginning with Power Girl and including Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid in subsequent issues.
  • There is a fan letter from Roy Thomas who at the time "was a prominent fan in the early 60s" of the original JSA/All-Star Comics series. Mr. Thomas would later transition from dedicated fan to a DC Writer and Editor of several JSA titles.


  • Brain Wave, as presented in this issue, is physically different from his last appearance in All-Star Comics #37. His costume is similar to that which is later worn by his son Brain Wave, Jr.

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