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Quote1 You have felled your team-mate, Wildcat -- and earned a place of honor in the Injustice Gang! Now kill him -- while the Fiddler plays his doom! Quote2
-- The Fiddler

Appearing in "The Death of Doctor Fate"

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Synopsis for "The Death of Doctor Fate"

The Fiddler uses the hypnotic sounds of his violin to force Wildcat into fighting Hawkman. As Wildcat delivers a seemingly fatal blow against his friend, his mind returns to normal and he realizes what he has done. The Fiddler sends Solomon Grundy to intercept the revenge-driven Wildcat. Grundy backhands Wildcat into a bunch of crates, but Ted keeps coming after him. Fortunately for the aging boxer, Power Girl and Superman arrive just in time to deal with Grundy. Superman hoists him up and drops Grundy into a volcano out in the Pacific. As luck would have it, Hawkman survives the attack and Wildcat is grateful.

In Egypt, Flash and Green Lantern race across the sands of Cairo hoping to find a cure for the dying Doctor Fate. They are distracted when they see the shadow of a man on a winged horse flying over them.

Back at JSA Headquarters, Hourman, Doctor Mid-Nite and the Star-Spangled Kid try to save the life of Doctor Fate. McNider uses the Kid's Cosmic Rod to amplify the power levels of his medical equipment, but this appears to fail. Frustrated, Hourman delivers a power-punch to the computer monitor. Doctor Mid-Nite in particular is having difficulty coping with his failure to save his friend's life.

Hourman and the Star-Spangled Kid decide to vent their frustrations by tracking down the being responsible for Kent's condition – Zanadu. They find Zanadu floating in the air above the city. Next to him is the comatose form of Shiera Hall. Zanadu begins raining bolts of chaos energy down upon the city. Star-Spangled Kid attempts to channel the power of his Cosmic Rod through Hourman, hoping that the Miraclo in Hourman's bloodstream might intensify the blast. Hourman redirects the energy towards Zanadu, but Zanadu erects a force field that deflects the blast.

Zanadu unleashes a volley of energy at the Star-Spangled Kid, but the Kid uses his rod to reflect it back on the villain. Zanadu is unseated by the impact of his own power and begins to fall out of the sky. He attempts to marshal the full concentration of his chaos power, but the ambient energy serves only to awaken Doctor Fate. From his medical chamber, Fate raises his arm and generates an Ankh-shaped bolt of energy that fells Zanadu. Rising from the bed, Fate retrieves the Helmet of Nabu and encases Zanadu in a sealed cage of amber.

Elsewhere, the Injustice Society member known as the Icicle conspires with his hidden colleagues over the next stage of his plan. He intends on striking back at the Justice Society through their weakest member – Hourman.


  • Superman resigns from active status in this issue. Power Girl takes his place as a full-fledge member of the Justice Society.
  • This issue shipped on August 16th, 1976.


  • This issue includes a Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement featuring Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) entitled "Green Lantern and the Fruit Pie Scene".

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