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Quote1 I tracked you down Wildcat... that's why I call myself The Huntress! And if you'll be quiet, we can get out of here without the Strike Force noticing! Quote2
-- Huntress

Appearing in "A Parting of the Ways!"

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  • Duffy's Tavern
  • Gotham National Bank
  • Gotham Stadium



Synopsis for "A Parting of the Ways!"

As the bulk of the Justice Society members go their various ways, only Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat are left to cope with the Strike Force's attack on a Gotham bank, until the Huntress appears to aid them.


  • Reprinted in Justice Society Vol. 2 and Showcase Presents: All-Star Comics.
  • The Spectre had migrated to Earth-One by this point and the James Corrigan of Earth-One was his then current host. It is unclear how the James Corrigan of Earth-Two, who appears in this issue, continues to exist as a separate entity and is apparently alive again after having died in 1940.


  • An ad inside states that this issue went on sale October 18th (1977).

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