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All-Star Squadron Vol 1 20


All-Star Squadron Vol 1 20

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"...For the Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light...!": The All-Star Squadron members enter Brain Wave's illusion and battle the illusory Japanese soldiers, but are "killed" one by one, leaving [[Alan Scott (New Earth)|Green Lantern]

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Synopsis for "...For the Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light...!"

The All-Star Squadron members enter Brain Wave's illusion and battle the illusory Japanese soldiers, but are "killed" one by one, leaving Green Lantern as their only hope against Brain Wave's plot.


  • This book was first published on January 27, 1983.
  • Events of this story take place in early February 1942, concurrently with those of several other DC Comics stories, as detailed on pages 12 thru 15. These include:
    • The Spectre's second battle with Kulak, High Priest of Brztal, as shown in All-Star Comics #2, (September 1940)
    • Luthor's second attempt to defeat Superman by using the Powerstone, as shown in Superman #17, (July 1942)
    • Batman's twelfth battle with the Joker, as shown in Batman #11, (June 1942)
    • The beginning and ending of the Flash's time-travel adventure, as shown in All-Flash #4, (March 1942)
    • Green Lantern's brief career as a PFC in the U.S.Army, as shown in Green Lantern Quarterly #4 (June 1942)


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