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All-Star Squadron Vol 1 26


All-Star Squadron Vol 1 26

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"Talons Across Time!": Several All-Star heroes vanish and are replaced by time-lost super-villains from 1983. Brainwave, Jr. convinces the remaining heroes that he is a friend, and tells them how the [[Ultra-Humanite (New Earth)|

Appearing in "Talons Across Time!"

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  • Mount Saint Helens



Synopsis for "Talons Across Time!"

Several All-Star heroes vanish and are replaced by time-lost super-villains from 1983. Brainwave, Jr. convinces the remaining heroes that he is a friend, and tells them how the Ultra-Humanite of the future communicated telepathically with the Ultra of 1942, and mentally induced the members of Infinity, Inc. to fight the heroes of World War II. Brainwave leads the All-Stars in a search for Ultra, who is now hidden with his allies and captives in Mt. St. Helens.



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