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All-Star Squadron Vol 1 27


All-Star Squadron Vol 1 27

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"A Spectre Is Haunting the Multiverse!": While the Atom is briefly hospitalized for his radiation exposure, the Justice Society use Wonder Woman's Magic Sphere to trace [[Kent Nel

Appearing in "A Spectre Is Haunting the Multiverse!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • extradimensional "world beyond worlds"
    • stone crypt of Kulak



Synopsis for "A Spectre Is Haunting the Multiverse!"

While the Atom is briefly hospitalized for his radiation exposure, the Justice Society use Wonder Woman's Magic Sphere to trace Dr. Fate, and they learn that he has found the Spectre, in another dimension, where the Spectre has become the thrall of the evil being known as Kulak, High Priest of Brztal. They observe as, after a violent magical struggle, the Spectre hurls Fate through an infinity of dimensions, to the end of unrecorded time. Then the evil alien sorcerer turns his attention to Earth. With gigantic hands, visible everywhere in the world, Kulak rips an immense gash in the very fabric of the sky itself!

To be continued.


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