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All-Star Superman Vol 1 12


All-Star Superman Vol 1 12

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"Superman in Excelsis": In a vision, Jor-El tells Superman that he stands on the threshold of life and death as his consciousness converts to pure solar energy. Telling him that with his greatest task complete - to show the world an i

Quote1 Your work is done. You have shown them the face of the man of tomorrow. You have given them an ideal to aspire to, embodied their highest aspirations. They will race, and stumble, and fall and crawl...and curse...and finally...they will join you in the sun, Kal-El. In time you will no longer be alone. Quote2
-- Jor-El

Appearing in "Superman in Excelsis"

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Synopsis for "Superman in Excelsis"

In a vision, Jor-El tells Superman that he stands on the threshold of life and death as his consciousness converts to pure solar energy. Telling him that with his greatest task complete - to show the world an ideal of what it may be capable of - his only reason to return is to stop evil one final time, with Superman reluctantly choosing so.

As a super-powered Luthor threatens the Daily Planet staff, Clark Kent wakes and uses a Gravity Gun to knock Lex back, saving his friends and donning his uniform. After a brief battle where Luthor defeats Superman, Lex drags him before the media to declare his dominion over the Earth. But before he can take action, he finds himself paralyzed - overwhelmed by super-sensory input and finally seeing the world the way Superman does, Luthor realizes the truth of existence and that his cruelty was for nothing - only for his power to wear off, as the time-warping side effects of the Gravity Gun caused the super serum powering him to rapidly wear off. Returned to normal, Lex attacks Superman in a rage but is quickly knocked out, with Superman mourning that Luthor might have truly saved the world as he always claimed he could if he had cared. Realizing the sun has been poisoned by Solaris before it died and that, converting to energy, only he might be able to repair it, he kisses Lois Lane one last time before flying into the heart of the star to save it from within.

A year later, Lois sits near the Superman memorial statue and talks with Jimmy, telling him that Superman is not dead, with the headline proclaiming his death published by his Planet only existing to be send back in time and prevent paradox. He will one day emerge, and on that day, she will be waiting for him. On the moon, Leo Quintum reflects on the great challenge left behind by Superman to continue without him, and begins a project trusted to him by Superman to bring about a new protector of the Earth.


  • In this issue, Superman accomplishes the following Super-Feats
  • Superman conquers Death
  • Superman builds an artificial Heart for the Sun


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