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All-Star Superman Vol 1 3


All-Star Superman Vol 1 3

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"Sweet Dreams, Superwoman...": Lois Lane drinks the potion given to grant her the same powers as Superman.

-- The Ultrasphinx

Appearing in "Sweet Dreams, Superwoman..."

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Synopsis for "Sweet Dreams, Superwoman..."

Lois Lane drinks the potion given to grant her the same powers as Superman.[1]

In Metropolis, the Subterranosauri have resurfaced to attack. The warrior, Krull, leads the way. Jimmy Olsen uses his Signal Watch to summon Superman to the rescue. Chronal travelers, Samson and Atlas, appear to stop the invasion as well as woo Lois Lane.

In the underworld, they return Krull to the Subterrani leader for punishment. Samson continues to woo Lois Lane by gifting her a necklace of Radioactive Crown Jewels. He offers to take her on a date through time from the dinosaurs age to the future. Superman pulls Samson aside asking him why he pursues his woman. Samson shows him a newspaper showing the headline, "Superman Dead" and tells him she won't be his for long. Suddenly the Ultra-Sphinx appears wanting the "Jewels of Atom-Hotep". Samson explains Superman must complete 12 feats. He has already created life, escaped from the underverse, and overthrown the tyrant sun. The Sphinx asks a riddle to Superman, "What happens when an unstoppable force meats and un-moveable object?" Superman responds with, "they surrender," which the Sphinx finds acceptable and releases Lois Lane.

Superman agrees to offer a feat of strength against Atlas and Samson to win over Lois. He arm wrestles them both at the same time and breaks their arms.

Superman and Lois fly to the moon and embrace in a deep and romantic kiss.

Superman and Lois sit on a rooftop. Lois falls asleep as Superman asks her, "Lois, will you...". Superman then notices she is asleep and instead tucks her into bed.


  • This book was first published on March 29, 2006.
  • Reprinted in Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years.
  • In this issue, Superman accomplishes the following Super-Feats
    • Superman answers the Unanswerable Question.


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