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All-Star Superman Vol 1 4


All-Star Superman Vol 1 4

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"The Superman/Olsen War...": Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are getting ready in Jimmy's apartment. Lucy reads the newspaper claiming Jimmy won the worst dressed award of Metropolis for the second consecutive year. She threatens to

Quote1 Jim. I'm in a jam. I need your help. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "The Superman/Olsen War..."

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Synopsis for "The Superman/Olsen War..."

Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are getting ready in Jimmy's apartment. Lucy reads the newspaper claiming Jimmy won the worst dressed award of Metropolis for the second consecutive year. She threatens to leave him for Rock Hansom to see Frankenstein on Ice.

At the Daily Planet, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen discuss how everyone reads "... for a day" columns by Jimmy on the weekends. They are curious how he will top his last article about being "America's sweetheart for a day."

Jimmy heads to the P.R.O.J.E.C.T. headquarters on the moon. Leo Quintum puts Jimmy in charge of P.R.O.J.E.C.T. for the day. He is heading to meet with the Electrokind who are made of Tungston Gas and speak only in visual light patterns to attempt to save Superman from his plight that he was partly responsible for.[1]

Jimmy takes a tour of P.R.O.J.E.C.T. and stumble upon a door labeled "Do not open until Doomsday" which they warn him is too dangerous to open. When Jimmy inspects the underverse research, a sudden accident puts Jimmy at risk of falling into the superheavy gravity chamber.

Perry reviews a recent submission by Clark Kent which he describes as old-school journalism. Superman hears Jimmy's Signal Watch and takes off quickly to save him.

During the rescue, a piece of Black Kryptonite comes out from the underverse. While at first no effects are felt by Superman, he slowly starts turning angry and is soon filled with a violent, uncontrollable anger. Local Bizarro men are unable to subdue Superman as he escapes.

Superman heads to Metropolis to find Lois Lane. Jimmy follows him with a strange gun. Superman claims he cannot be harmed. Jimmy tells him the gun is not for him and instead injects himself with a serum that turns him into a Doomsday creature. Doomsday Jimmy subdues Superman before his watch signals for him to devolve from the Doomsday creature. Strangers come upon the knocked out Superman and Jimmy doesn't want people to know Superman had gone crazy with the Black Kryptonite, so he covers for him.

Jimmy hacks the P.R.O.J.E.C.T. computers to find out they have unlimited wealth as their bank account has an infinity symbol. Jimmy has "I Love Lucy" written on the moon when he returns home with two tickets and Lucy is excited to see him.


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