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"The Gospel According to Lex Luthor": At a court hearing, Lex Luthor is found guilty for crimes against humanity and Lex blames Superman for his actions.

Quote1 I've always liked you, Kent. You're humble, modest, uncoordinated: human. You're everything he's not. But you're just another weapon in my war against Superman. Quote2
-- Lex Luthor

Appearing in "The Gospel According to Lex Luthor"

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  • Bibliobot Mark 2


Synopsis for "The Gospel According to Lex Luthor"

At a court hearing, Lex Luthor is found guilty for crimes against humanity and Lex blames Superman for his actions.

Clark Kent travels to Stryker's Island for an exclusive final interview with Lex before he is sentenced to the electric chair. He meets Lex who is working on a Bibliobot that can recite books to prisoners. Clark clumsily trips on a Lex's electric gun, but it was seen as good luck since the gun was about to short out and he may have well saved Lex's life. Lex is absorbed in his own plans and thoughts about Superman's inferiority as Clark follows him around taking notes for his piece.

In the basement of the penitentiary, Parasite incites a riot as he starts absorbing energy. Clark is concerned he will provide too much power and awkwardly runs away with Lex trying to avoid Parasite's touch. As Parasite pursues them, Lex shoots several gunshots into him which are luckily enough to overload Parasite and knock him out from absorbing too much energy. Lex walks over and violently smashes his foot on Parasite until a pink goo is seen splashing about.

Upon returning to Lex's cell, he reveals his elaborate plot. The Bibliobot was burrowing an escape path below Lex's cell during the commotion. His daughter, Nasthalthia, escorts him out of the prison as Lex stays behind, happy to die knowing he finally defeated Superman with his sun plan.[1]


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