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All-Star Superman Vol 1 6


All-Star Superman Vol 1 6

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"Funeral in Smallville": Clark recalls speaking with his father, Jonathan Kent, at the Kent Farm. Krypto appears and Clark takes him to outer space to play with him.

Quote1 If everything happens for a reason...why here? Why us? He doesn't belong on a farm. Quote2
-- Jonathan Kent

Appearing in "Funeral in Smallville"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Quinto Queen (Mentioned only)
  • Superman Purple (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Funeral in Smallville"

Clark recalls speaking with his father, Jonathan Kent, at the Kent Farm. Krypto appears and Clark takes him to outer space to play with him.

Calvin Elder along with two other men appear at the farm to ask Jonathan if he needs any help with the harvest.

Meanwhile, Clark meets with Lana Lang and Pete Ross at a local soda shop. Clark leaves to spy on the three new visitors when his super-hearing picks up something.

Calvin Elder surprises Superman and sneaks up on him. He explains he's a member of the Superman Squad and they are chasing the Chronovore. His real name is Kal Kent, a Kryptonian born on earth in the future. They warn Superman that his powers are young and he can't see 5D dimension yet. They attack the Chronovore and plead that Superman stay away as he sucks time away from people. During the scuffle, Superman has three minutes taken from him which so happen to be the three minutes during which Jonathan Kent dies.

Clark morns his father at his funeral. The Supermen are ready to take off when Superman Prime arrives and gives him an indestructible from flower from new Krypton.


  • Superman-Prime and Kal Kent are actually from the DC One Million continuity. However, this Kal Kent says he's from the year 853,500 AD, while the mainstream-version is from the year 85,300 AD; this was changed back to the 853rd century in the Absolute collection, though Kal still mentions having been born 851 thousand years in the future, rather than 85 thousand.
  • In this issue, Superman accomplishes the following Super-Feats
    • Superman chains the Chronovore
  • Writer Grant Morrison confirmed in the backmatter of the Absolute edition of All-Star Superman that the two heroes seen alongside Superman Prime were Superman 2, the 'son of Superman' suggested at the end of All-Star Superman #12, and Superlass, the Superman descendent of the 31st Century.


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