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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Frank Quitely/Cover Artist, Grant Morrison/Writer Frank Quitely/Penciler, Jamie Grant/Inker, Jamie Grant/Colourist, Phil Balsman/Letterer, Bob Schreck/Editor, Brandon Montclare/Editor, Kal-El (All-Star Superman)/Quotes, Kal-El (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Catherine Grant (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, James Olsen (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Leo Quintum (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Lois Lane (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Perry White (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Ronald Troupe (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Steven Lombard (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Zibarro (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Bizarros/Appearances, Bizarro (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Agatha (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Floral (All-Star Superman)/Appearances, Sun-Eaters/Appearances, All-Star Superman/Appearances, Htrae/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Daily Planet/Appearances, P.R.O.J.E.C.T./Appearances, Underverse/Appearances, Comics, 2007, 2007, June, 2007, April (Publication), All-Star Superman Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

All-Star Superman Vol 1 7


All-Star Superman Vol 1 7

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"Being Bizarro": Leo Quintum continues searching the Underverse and senses something big coming.

Quote1 As soon as I've knocked some sense into that planet up there, Lois. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "Being Bizarro"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Being Bizarro"

Leo Quintum continues searching the Underverse and senses something big coming.

Superman releases the Sun-Eater from his Fortress of Solitude over Mars when Bizarro clones attack him from a nearby cube version of the earth.

The Bizarros attack Metropolis but Steve Lombard finds out he is immune to their touch. Superman arrives and fights a Bizarro version of Superman who claims he doesn't want to fight. Quintum explains he believes they are weak to yellow sunlight which is why they attack at night. Superman saves Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White from Bizarro clones before flying off to their planet to send them back to the Underverse.

On Bizarro World, Superman meets Zibarro for the first time.


  • In this issue, Superman accomplishes the following Super-Feats
  • Superman saves Earth from Bizarro-Home


  • No trivia.

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