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"The Strange Case of Dr. Arkham and Mr. Hex": In a Gotham City church, a priest runs for his life as a man laughs manically behind him. The priest slips in a puddle of blood, and realizes that he has fallen just steps away from the murdered body of another priest. His pursuer is Jingles the

Quote1 There ain't no plague a' madness, Doc. Just a buncha circus folk drinkin' crazy juice. Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "The Strange Case of Dr. Arkham and Mr. Hex"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jingles
  • Gunther
  • Darla
  • Balthus
  • Golden Dragons
  • Doctor Jekyll
  • Kirk McKee
  • Reginal Forsythe

Other Characters:

  • Father O'Malley (Dies)




Synopsis for "The Strange Case of Dr. Arkham and Mr. Hex"

In a Gotham City church, a priest runs for his life as a man laughs manically behind him. The priest slips in a puddle of blood, and realizes that he has fallen just steps away from the murdered body of another priest. His pursuer is Jingles the Clown, who, once an altar boy, has decided to get revenge on the priesthood for the molestation he suffered. Though his victim had no part in his victimization, Jingles is delighted to stab him to death.

The police arrive on the scene later, with Amadeus Arkham, Jonah Hex, and Tallulah Black on hand. The killings are obviously the work of a psychotic mind, and it could very well be the same brand of psychotic that Reginald Forsythe warned them would soon be breaking out in an epidemic in Gotham. Hex demands a map of the city, while Tallulah and Arkham speculate on the meaning of the clown's grin that was painted on the victim's mouth in his own blood. Perhaps the killer was associated with the circus that is in town.

Meanwhile, at Haly's Circus, Yanmei Tsen sneaks backstage to speak with two Chinese contortionists. She explains that she is seeking her mother, and the boys respond that some men took her to Chinatown on the night that the circus arrived, and she has not been seen since. They warn that the men who took her are of the dangerous Golden Dragon gang. No sooner do they tell her this than the Golden Dragons themselves arrive. A skilled fighter, she holds her own against them for a while, until one nearly catches her by surprise. Fortunately, his ponytail is caught by Jonah Hex, and Tallulah Black puts the barrel of her shotgun to his head. However, despite their rescuing her, Yanmei Tsen has escaped by the time the dust has cleared.

The trio question the circus' proprietor, Mr. Haly, regarding the fact that several of his acts have gone missing, including Jingles the Clown. It is uncommon for members of the circus to go off on their own without telling anyone. Mr. Haly is surprised when they suggest that Jimmy might be responsible for the murder of two priests, particularly given his absence. Haly insists that Jimmy is of stable mind; kindhearted and generous. Arkham supposes that Jekyll's formula impacts repressed elements of the psyche.

Meanwhile, Kirk McKee of McKee's Cure All's has been peddling an elixir made from a formula that his son stole for him from Scotland. The crowd assembled around his stage is suddenly sent into a panic when Jingles returns, armed with pistol and meat-cleaver, and covered in blood. Before he can kill any civilians, Hex puts a bullet in his head. Again, Mr. Haly is totally surprised that Jingles could have changed so much. Their attention is captured suddenly by another threat. Gunther, an animal trainer and one of the missing circus folk, has returned, and he has released his tigers on the public. Unfortunately for him, one of them turns on him, and mauls him to death. Tallulah and Jonah manage to shoot down two of the creatures, but one of them escapes into the night.

Convinced that the formula has found its way into the circus, Jonah asks Haly if there is a snake-oil salesman travelling with the circus. Haly admits that McKee is such a one, and agrees to take them to him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Forsythe returns to Gotham Harbour to meet his master on a ship. The captain of the ship has secured Dr. Jekyll in the hold for the crew's safety, and warns Forsythe against entering. Regardless, Forsythe enters the hold and calls out to the doctor. Haggard and chained to a chair in the hold, Mr. Hyde responds that the doctor is not in, and demands that the little black diamond be returned to him.

Appearing in "Tomahawk"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Little Owl (Dies)




Synopsis for "Tomahawk"

Following the end of the revolutionary war, the Americans were left to face the natives into whose territory their government had mandated that they expand. President Washington was disappointed to find that St. Clair's forces were defeated by the Indian chiefs Tomahawk, Blue Jacket, and Tecumseh. In response, Washington orders that General Anthony Wayne embark on a campaign to wipe out any and all Indian settlements from the south to the north. The expansion of the nation was paramount, given that the British still held forts in the north, aiding a confederacy of Indian tribes. If they would not willingly accept the Americans' treaty offers, they would have to be removed by force.

At that time, Tomahawk was the greatest unsung warrior among the Indian tribes. Half-Iroquois and half-Shawnee, his exploits would become the stuff of legends. He and his warriors encountered an American militia and questioned their commander regarding the plan of action following the defeat of St. Clair. This man had been ordered by General Wayne to clear all of the villages along the Ohio River. He was part of but one of nearly eight such factions, meant to clear everything from Fort Henry to Fort Washington. Angrily, Tomahawk slit the man's throat, and sent messengers to Prophet and Tecumseh, before riding out with his men.

Elsewhere, one of these troops of soldiers found Tomahawk's village, and murdered his wife and child. Though it was commanded that they be taken alive, the commander decided to send Tomahawk a message. Later, when Tomahawk arrived at the village, and found the corpses of the village - his family included - laid out for him, he declared that with or without the help of the Chickasaw, they would be going to war.


  • This book was first published on October 24, 2012.
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