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"Panning for Gold": While panning for gold, Jonah Hex is interrupted by a strangely dressed man, who demands that he identify himself. Though he is stubborn about it, there is cause for the intruder to be suspicious, given the three dead mean lying just steps away fro

Quote1 I'm not kidding, Jonah. I don't know how or why, but I'm definitely not from this time. Quote2
-- Booster Gold

Appearing in "Panning for Gold"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Clem Hootkins

Other Characters:

  • Emmit Stone
  • Pete Stone
  • Avary Jones
  • Sheriff Moss (Dies)


  • Red River Junction



Synopsis for "Panning for Gold"

While panning for gold, Jonah Hex is interrupted by a strangely dressed man, who demands that he identify himself. Though he is stubborn about it, there is cause for the intruder to be suspicious, given the three dead mean lying just steps away from him. The stranger introduces himself as Booster Gold, Sheriff of the nearby town of Red River Junction. Hex introduces himself perfunctorily and explains that he is on the hunt for a gang run by a man called Clem Hootkins.

Hootkins' gang has just arrived in Red River Junction. Seeing that ti is small, he spots an inebriate and demands to know whether there is a lawman in the town. The man admits that Sheriff Gold is out of town just now, and obliviously directs the gang to the nearest bank before Clem shoots him in return. Soon, the entire gang begins indiscriminately killing the population of the town before robbing the bank and making off with their spoils, leaving a lit stick of dynamite to finish the job.

Booster and Jonah arrive in time to see the aftermath, where most of the townspeople has been murdered and their homes destroyed. To Jonah's disgust, Booster is completely aghast that anyone could be so cruel to another human being - a weakness further evidenced by his reluctance to shoot anyone, despite his position as lawman. When one of the townspeople recognizes Jonah as the famous bounty hunter, Booster remembers where he knows the name from, and begins reciting history as he remembers it. Unfortunately, Jonah finds Booster's intimate knowledge of his past suspicious, and demands that he be told just exactly how Booster knows it. Over drinks, Booster admits that he is from the future.

A short time ago, Sheriff Moss of Red River Junction had put Pete Stone into jail overnight for drunkenness. Unfortunately, his brother Emmet and his friends were determined to break him out, largely overreacting, given that Pete would be released in the morning. However, Sheriff Moss' condescension toward Emme annoyed the dim-witted drunk, and he beat the Sheriff close to death. Suddenly, Booster Gold appeared there from seemingly nowhere, and seeing the violence that was committed, he takes the Sheriff's dying words to heart and declared himself the new sheriff.

By morning, Booster has been drunk under the table, and Jonah kicks him into wakefulness. Still drunk - and hungover - Booster insists on coming with Jonah to catch Clem. After all, it was his town that died. As Booster throws up last night's drink, Jonah urges him on, before they run out of daylight.

Appearing in "The Master Gunfighter"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Master Gunfighter"

Thanks to the gold rush, men moved west to mining communities, but soon required women to satisfy their other needs and settle down. Willingly, caravans of single women would travel west to meet husbands and make their own fortunes. Unfortunately, these caravans were often attacked by raiders, who would kill the women's guardians and sell the women into slavery.

Cody Barrow has taken it upon himself to right that wrong, using his superior gunfighting skills to protect those caravans. He was born into the travelling Barrows Rodeo, where he had learned to be the best rider, the best shooter, and the best lasso slinger in the west. Unfortunately, his family had run into the supernatural. Vampires turned his family, and he had been forced to kill them all.

Though Cody stops a gang of raiders at one of the caravans, he is actually there for a different reason: they will soon be attacked by Werewolves. Loading his revolver with silver bullets, he saves everyone's lives, though he is forced to kill those her were scratched and bitten in the attack. Urging the survivors to head north to Lagos, he is surprised and annoyed to see that Adam One has found him again.


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