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"Welcome To The Asylum": Jonah Hex has been placed in Arkham Asylum after shooting dead a gang of mutants who were attacking a family in a Gotham City alley. It is only his claims that he is a bounty hunter from the past that places him in the asylum rather th

Quote1 He's probably just delusional, but... he wouldn't be the first person to crawl his way up through time. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Welcome To The Asylum"

Jonah Hex has been placed in Arkham Asylum after shooting dead a gang of mutants who were attacking a family in a Gotham City alley. It is only his claims that he is a bounty hunter from the past that places him in the asylum rather than at Blackgate Penitentiary. After a violent misunderstanding about the harmful nature of cigarettes, Jonah explains that he knew Jeremiah Arkham's great-grandfather Amadeus Arkham and his mother. This era's Dr. Arkham points out that the details of his family's sordid past are not a secret to anyone. Though Hex is able to give quite detailed descriptions of his interactions with Arkham's ancestors, it is not until Hex recalls that he owned a stake in Alan Wayne's casino that Arkham's interest is piqued.

The next day and against his better judgment, Arkham pays a visit to Bruce Wayne to ask about the claims that Hex owned 30% of the Wayne Casino. Though a surprising amount of Hex's story pans out - right down to the disfiguring scar on his face - neither man is willing to believe that the man really is the famed 19th century bounty hunter. Even so, Bruce agrees to look into the family records.

Later, with help from Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce finds Amadeus Arkham's journals, in which it is claimed that he and Jonah Hex had found the Batcave itself with the help of the lost Miagani tribe. Bruce is still not sure he's ready to believe Hex's story, but he wouldn't be the first man to crawl his way up through time. Indeed, they discover a document showing that Jonah Hex had signed onto a partnership for 30% of the Wayne Casino.

Meanwhile, Arkham agrees to let Jonah wear his old frontier garb, but withholds his guns. Hoping this would give him an edge in getting the truth out of his patient, Arkham begins an invasive line of questioning which so offends Hex that he ends up on the receiving end of one of the bounty hunter's beatings. Grabbing the doctor in a headlock, Hex demands his freedom, and seeing his way obstructed, considers leaping from the cliff to the coastline below. Unfortunately for Arkham, that consideration soon turns into doing, and they both drop into the water below.

Arkham regains consciousness in the sewers with Hex grumpily urging him to get up and get moving. Though Arkham assures Hex that they won't get far with the police and FBI after them, Hex admits that this isn't the first time he'd have evaded the law. They crawl up a storm drain into a parking garage, where Hex coerces the doctor into stealing a car. Worrying about being pursued, Arkham turns on the radio, and is surprised to learn that none of the news reports seem to be aware he is missing. As it happens, Batman has already seen to it that the police leave Hex alone, as he hopes to talk to the man unobstructed.

Attempting to cross one of the bridges out of the city, Arkham suggests to Hex that he offer up some information that nobody but someone in his family would be able to know. He offers that his great grandfather had written of a woman who saved his life who was never mentioned in his books or public records. Hex correctly identifies the woman as Tallulah Black, filling Arkham with surprise that turns to horror suddenly when a GCPD checkpoint looms ahead. As they try to calmly and sanely talk their way through it, the Mutants the police are actually looking for begin firing on them all. Taking some downed officers' guns, Hex faces down the mutant gang by himself.


  • This book was first published on July 24, 2013.
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