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""Justice, Like Lightning"": Wally West remembers the career of his late cousin, Bart Allen, as he races through Los Angeles on the trail of his

Quote1 He's gone, Valerie. Oh, God … he's gone. You monsters … you MURDERED my GRANDSON. Quote2
-- Iris Allen

Appearing in "Justice, Like Lightning"

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Synopsis for "Justice, Like Lightning"

Wally West remembers the career of his late cousin, Bart Allen, as he races through Los Angeles on the trail of his killer, Inertia.

One hour earlier, Wally and his family had arrived back on Earth after an adventure involving the Justice League, Justice Society, and Legion of Super-Heroes. Shortly thereafter, he was informed by Batman of Bart's murder.

In Los Angeles, the Rogues realized what they'd done, and, frightened for their lives at the inevitable reaction of the super-hero community, turned on Inertia. However, he sped away. Abra Kadabra teleported the rest of them away to avoid arrest.

Back in the present, Wally finds Inertia and grabs him, taking him on a whirlwind race across the planet. Although thoughts of ending the young speedster's life tempt Wally, he spares him.

A week later, after Iris Allen has helped Wally and his family move into a new home, she asks him what became of Inertia. Wally tells her that he removed his speed completely, leaving him a motionless statue in the Flash Museum, forced to stare at an exhibit honoring Bart.

Across the world, the rest of the Rogues are found and captured by members of the Suicide Squad.



  • The title for this issue, "Justice, Like Lightning" is also an often-used tagline in Marvel Comics' Thunderbolts comic series. The full line is allegedly "Justice, like lightning, ever shall appear, to few men ruin, but all men fear."

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