Amanda Mason was the daughter of Douglas Mason, a criminal who operated a high-tech mechanoid called Ransak. When her father was taken to prison by Batman and Robin, Amanda sought revenge and took control of Ransak sometime in her late teens, wreaking havoc in Gotham City in 1997. Knight-Wing confronted Ransak, unaware that it was Douglas Mason's daughter inside the mechanoid, in order to take it down, but was unsuccessful until Amanda was distracted by the appearance of Superman, who temporarily willed himself to appear before her as a phantom. Knight-Wing used the distraction to disable Ransak with some exposed live power cables, also rendering Amanda unconscious.

Amanda served 11 years in prison, during which time she fell in love with Clark Wayne, who testified on her behalf in order for her to serve no more than 11 years. After she was released, Clark married Amanda and had two kids through her, Lois and Lara Wayne.

  • This character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.