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Ambush Bug Nothing Special Vol 1 1


Ambush Bug Nothing Special Vol 1 1

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"The Book of Jobs": Ambush Bug is trying to find new employment, and is using the "Book of Jobs" as a self-help guide to try and get jobs with various super-heroes. After interviews with the Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Valor, the [[Doom Patrol (New Ea

Quote1 If I'd only been created by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, this chintzy special would probably be a thirty-dollar hardcover. Quote2
-- Ambush Bug

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  • Time Cube

Synopsis for "The Book of Jobs"

Ambush Bug is trying to find new employment, and is using the "Book of Jobs" as a self-help guide to try and get jobs with various super-heroes. After interviews with the Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Valor, the Doom Patrol, Sandman, and Lobo -- all failures, the Ambush Bug production team drinks too much and switches to a Mitsu-Bishi story. Ambush Bug ends up getting a job at a copy store, but gets a call from Al, who suggests that he take a job with DC Comics.

Travelling to the DC Comics office, Ambush Bug figures that he would be the ideal editor for the comic book company, but finds that Julius Schwartz is still in charge. Lurking around the DC Comics store room, Ambush Bug finds Schwartz's time machine and decides to use it in order to travel to a future time when Julius is no longer the editor of DC Comics. However, no matter how far in the future Ambush Bug goes he cannot seem to escape Schwartz or his descendants. Deciding he's been going about things all wrong, Ambush Bug uses the time machine to travel forward through comic pages instead of time. However, he ends up in the future of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

There, Ambush Bug is horrified to find that Julius Schwartz is also a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He tries to travel to the end of time and is shocked to find that Schwartz is there waiting there for him to challenge him in battle. Turning the scene into a Rob Liefeld parody, this ends up devolving into a mindless battle interrupted by Schwartz himself. Ambush Bug then tries to get other characters in his book but learns that they are all otherwise busy with this summer's cross-over story. Fed up on being short changed, the Bug tries to attract more readers by starting his own cross-over. Trying to evoke the power of Eclipso, he only succeeds in summoning his brother who is just a plumber.

The story breaks down even further when Ambush Bug finds himself in a parody of Beauty and the Beast where he manages to kiss the beast, changing him back into his human form: Julius Schwartz.


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