Amos' casino was host to Clark Kents and Lois Lanes Bachelor/bachelorette party where one of his armored trucks was robbed stolen a magically intoxicated Clark, who also stole his pet lemur. Amos had Emil Hamilton abducted by his minions, thinking Emil was the one who stole his truck. When Emil continuously denied stealing it, he ordered his goons to kill him. Later that day, Amos was confronted by Lois and Oliver Queen over Lois' engagement ring she lost to him the night before, but he refused to return it. In turn, he had them both captured and tied up in the back room, while he stayed to take in a show. When Chloe Sullivan arrived during the show, Amos recognized her as one of the people who stole his truck, and a brawl took place. During the brawl, Lois managed to get her ring from Amos, but was caught and choked by him. Oliver then saved Lois from him by knocking Amos unconscious.



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