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Amethyst's parents were the most powerful magic users in all of Gemworld, Lord and Lady Amethyst. They were the natural rulers until Dark Opal arose and slew them. In the ensuing chaos, the witch-mother Citrina whisked Amethyst off to Earth to be raised by the Winston family in Hudson, and she was known as Amy Winston.

Amy discovered on her 13th birthday that she was in fact the Princess from a magical world. Amy also learned that Dark Opal was out to destroy her. Amy had to travel to Gemworld, becoming older through the voyage (since time moved differently in Gemworld, Amy aged into a woman in her early twenties while there) and fought the evil that was attacking her. She led a rebellion that eventually killed Dark Opal and restored freedom to Gemworld.

However, some time later, during the war between Order and Chaos, the Lords of Chaos decided to reclaim Gemworld, and sent the Lord called Child to do so. Amethyst was only able to stop him by merging with him, and then merging both of them with the Gemworld itself, effectively trapping them both.

During the events of Infinite Crisis, Amethyst battled the Spectre on Gemworld and was either powerful enough to repel his assault on the planet or simply clever enough to escape him. She appeared later on as one of many magical beings summmoned to aid in the reconstruction of the shattered Rock of Eternity. Amethyst departed from the Rock of Eternity in the aftermath of her battle with Doctor Fate, and was later seen with many other sorcerers pooling their powers to summon the restored Spectre to Stonehenge. She is currently the only known surviving Lord of Order in the Tenth Age of Magic.

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This history is continued in The New 52 at Amaya (Prime Earth).
The DC Universe was rebooted in 2011 as part of the Flashpoint event. This was an attempt to simplify continuity, and make DC Comics more accessible to new readers. Prior to this, mainstream comics took place in New Earth continuity since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The continuity established following Flashpoint is Prime Earth.




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