Quote1 Little brat. Batman's brat. I am remembering you. I am cutting you to ribbons. Quote2
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Anatoli Knyazev, alias KGBeast was an elite top secret member of the KGB cell called "The Hammer." Knyazev was trained as an assassin and became a master in many forms of martial arts as well as weaponry. His cybernetic enhancements also allowed him to become a proficient killing machine.[1] After the collapse of the Soviet Union, without a cause, he became a freelancer and supervillain.

Ten Nights of the Beast

When the Russian government shut down his KGB cell because it was too dangerous, the KGBeast was given one last mission by his commanding officer before the man killed himself. The KGBeast was to eliminate nine people necessary to America's "Strategic Defense Initiative" (the "Star Wars" program), who would be in Gotham at some point over the course of a two week period. Despite Batman's best efforts, combined with the GCPD, the FBI and the CIA, KGBeast was able to kill all but two of his targets, a senator, and President Ronald Reagan. His total body count in Gotham, in the 10-day period alone, was over 100 people. Despite this, as a member of the Soviet embassy, he could not be legally punished for his crimes in America, but if caught would have to be turned back over to the Russians. During his crimes in Gotham, he came in conflict with Batman and in order to avoid capture, KGBeast cut off his own hand and escaped from the vigilante once again.[2]

Eventually he was cornered by Batman in a sewer compartment. He challenged Batman to fight with him, so they could see which of them was truly better, but Batman declined, instead opting to leave and lock the door behind him, so the Beast would not be able to get out.[3] Some time later, Batman called the police to have him taken in, but by then, KGBeast had already escaped.[4]

Later KGBeast fought Batman on two more occasions when Batman helped Arsenal find a kidnapped Cheshire and during an escape from Blackgate Penitentiary. Batman defeated the Beast both times.[5][6]

Face the Face

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KGBeast was eventually reduced to working for the Penguin as a hitman. He was shot in the head by the new Tally Man under the orders of the Great White Shark, as part of a larger scheme to cripple the Penguin's empire.[7]

Blackest Night

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Black Lantern Corps

KGBeast was one of the many villains raised from the dead in Gotham City to join the new Black Lantern Corps during Blackest Night. He received a ring along with Abbatoir, Deacon Blackfire, Blockbuster, King Snake, Magpie, the Trigger Twins, and the Ventriloquist.[8] He terrorized the city and tore out the hearts of innocents to feed on their emotions and life force when they were feeling the most fear.[9]





  • Prosthetic Gun: Having cut off his arm to avoid Batman, the KGBeast has since had it replaced with a prosthetic gun. He has impeccable aim with it, it is an automatic, and also features at least a bayonet, tear gas dispenser and scope.



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