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Quote1 ...Catch the comet... if you can!! Quote2
-- Comet src

History of character is unknown.


  • Unique Physiology: An Angel of Love, Andrea Martinez's life was saved when a being called "Zed-One" sacrificed itself to save her life and combined its soul with hers giving her powerful abilities.
  • It was revealed that Comet was Andrea Martinez, a bisexual stand-up comic, who like her friend Linda Danvers (who could turn into Supergirl), could shape-shift between her human and super-powered forms (however, Comet's change also involved changing gender, from the female Andrea to the male Comet).[1]
  • Comet originally was in love with Supergirl.
  • Comet is in relationship with Blithe.
  • Andrea Martinez has been known as Andrew Jones, Andrea Jones, Andy Jones.



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